Do you play just for fun?

I am getting older and I am to the point that the people I surround myself with is more important that the things I surround myself with.

This game like a planet of its kind, has a social aspect that I really enjoy. The team play creates bonds faster than many games. The League Chat can be a lot of fun.

The other day another player and I were essentially Karaoke to Copacabana, trading off lines, I was busting up and I am sure the player was too and all those watching us.

I am competitive, I like winning, but I LOVE THE JOURNEY more.

These type of games allow us to have fun with people all around the world, unifying us and creating bonds.

Just wondering if you enjoy the people more than the game.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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We are very much alike. The social aspect is what keeps me playing. There are so many awesome people in this game. Funny, intelligent, kind, compassionate … amazing people that I would have never met outside of the game. I am thankful for that. :slight_smile:

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The fancy graphics drew us all in, but the social dynamics is what hooked the vast majority of us.


I play to smack peoples bases and burn their dragons to ashes.



Coach you can do that at level 50, 80, 20, it is fun to make things go BOOM.

Coach, you have a weekly livecast, you help all of us to get better, so I would a say that you enjoy helping others even more than the game itself.

Thanks for that by the way.

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Yes! Even when I am irritated by something about the game, the social aspect brings me back. It is also fun burning bases and making pretty dragons. :smiley:


I play for a few reasons:

  1. Because i think it’s a blast as a shooter style game
  2. It’s strategic and i like using brains over brawn to outsmart opponents
  3. The Canadian in me loves sharing my strategies with others to help them out and teach them (contradicting the point above)
  4. I love my team & teammates, close bonds have been formed and i don’t think i could let go of that

WHY I play WD:

  1. New Dragons (divine and rarely linage) are sometimes fun to learn and play with.
  2. Teammates and Friendship
  3. My base is very good in wars…so I like defending myself!! Get rekt everybody else :eyes:
  4. I worked on flying hunters for a while and I have to say I’m not the best but I love flying vs higher lvl bases and killing all the towers like a savage!
  5. I don’t want to abandon my progress
  6. Helping others and hoping that some good stuff comes soon.
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