Do you play with audio?take the poll then read about my suggestion

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Am I the only one that wishes war dragons would allow voice chatting between team mates during flights?
Yes we can do it with 3rd party apps.
But I am talking built into the game.
make us turn back on our audio. I for one always have this game completely muted.
let me use my new headset LOL
Bandwidth issues?
only allow it if network connection is a certain level.
I just think it would be fun.


Am I voting that we should chat or that I currently use in game audio?


I voted based on my “currently have the game muted option” since that’s what I thought the survey was asking based on the title…


I hate being disturbed in any form when I fly my dragon… So for me this is a NO.

I like the sounds (dragon, spell, damage, water splash, etc) but the music is switched off. That’s just not my cup of tea.


fixed the questioning lol


Do you mean the chat or actually talking with your voice?


Probably chatting with voice.

How could you type and fly?


yes audio, ive updated the wording.


I seriously doubt this would work as intended and it would be an incredible disaster. Plus, I don’t like people hearing my voice. :unamused: I just listen to various white noise background sounds + my music on top of it. No in-game sounds at all.
But for funsies: how about a voice chat between attacker and defender… :crazy_face: :t_rex:


Until they fix the current issues with attack rooms, this would probably make them self-combust.


True. But how much fun would it be to talk smack to someone flying your base? Won’t ever happen though. Lol


Just to check whether something is broken. Also, loves the BOOM BOOM sound during attack, and SHRIEK sound during defense.

No audio chat at all.

Depends on the condition. Sometimes I mute it, though I prefer hearing some sound


command my dragon using my voice?


My family does not want to hear me screaming “TIMESHIFT! TIMESHIFT! TIMESHIFT!” at three in the morning as tears of frustration run down my face. :t_rex:


no, not screaming. Imaging you make a song about the spell for Axi and everytime you sing that song the dragon does eveything perfectly. You can create a spell song for each dragon. How stupid is that?
you can play guitar and sing the song while raiding or flying through event base


:thinking: How do you targetting things while using 2 hand playing guitar?
Hopefully not using nose


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