Do you play your own game

I started Over 2 years ago, the lag is no better, you can not defend a member until its to late I need to reset after a game. Connecting people worldwide is not a reasonable reason for lag a lot of games do this today ask for help

I think they’re mostly treating it as a side hobby every once in a while or like a disliked but mandatory part of their job (I think Jared mentioned something about an increase in employee playtime? I don’t recall)

I don’t think a single pg employee has gotten past the sapphire wall. Please correct me if I am wrong. They also don’t tend to fly well either :man_shrugging:

Started year and a half ago. Rarely have an issue defending anybody (Mostly just recently with all the crap with servers)

Conclusion: Maybe you need to upgrade your dial-up connection? Or maybe switch to Apple?

P.S. I’m not defending PG, just saying its more likely problem on your side.

Nah it’s completely their problem. Net code is garbage ,clients direct connect when defending . If not they need to stop using cloud servers and buy some dedicated servers.

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Verteidigung ist lächerlich, da ich 2ACC habe sehe ich oft das der Angreifer schon 2 Insel weiter ist und ich verteidige Die Insel an der er vorbei ist.
Mal abgesehen von der Zeit die es mich als Angreifer kostet.

Defense is ridiculous, since I have 2ACC I often see that the attacker is already 2 island further and I defend The island he is over.
Apart from the time it costs me as an attacker.


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