Do you revenge?


Had a guy who hit my alt for 2 years straight. No kidding.

Only stopped lately when I told him he was hitting an inactive alt and why doesn’t he try my main instead. He’s 300. And can’t beat my 233. :man_shrugging:

So he stopped. Dumbass.





Had one whiner…

so and so is farming me.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, they hit me five times in as many minutes.
Oh they did, did they? Did they win?
Uh, no.
So you’re being farmed…by someone losing to your base…who was probably doing a revenge quest…
Yes, please tell them to stop.

Seriously? I couldn’t make this shit up IF I TRIED.



Oh the joys of low level leadership… :joy:


Bwahahahaha. Oh stars. People :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I need to learn more from Master Grumpy…
(Recent updates encourage our possum abilities…)


Always check with the diamond team, because it’s funny as hell when the diamond team turns on the name dropper :heart_eyes:


I had my bunny choose our war targets for a while. (She’d decide what treat she wanted. Strawberry meant team A, carrot meant team B, apple meant team C, flopping over and ignoring me meant she needed a rest and my team probably did, too.)


When I was in my 70s I’d revenge almost every attack on me if they win :joy: however, I never punished those who lost. They are already pity folks who lost three dragons for some time and a bunch of dragon boosts.
Right now I don’t bother to revenge, in most cases it is not worth rss and time. If it’s a revenge quest - one last attacker and ember are my best friends.


:thinking: I don’t think that I’ve even gotten a revenge 5x for the past few events.


Now when you said that I must admit I haven’t gotten one either… :thinking:


I revenge only for quests


Same here. I do see it’s hyped by newer players that join, but it’s quickly dies out.


Its usually smaller newer players that kick up a fuss about being attacked and want to revenge. Lack of maturity in game I suppose.


2+ years of playing and I’m pretty over doing revenge runs :joy:


No revenge here cause the attacker could be doing a revenge run on me … hardly defend too. :grin:


Oh they’re still in there. I get em regularly. At least it’s fast and easy.


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Are you really do this in every topic?


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