Do you think you were adequately compensated for PG’s quest screwup

Myself no. 2 gold and 10 bronze chest do not make up for the loss of 100 sigils wick I earned. How do you feel.

It’s difficult to say. What we actually lost is the chance of getting the Day 5 prize (100 sigils).

How do you compensate for losing a chance?

By giving another one.

And that’s exactly what you got, as I am still waiting for mine. There is a chance that the gold chests give you up to 450, and the bronze can contain some.

So Are we adequately compensated?
I think yes.

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The difficult thing is that for most, this 100 sigils isn’t a chance. It’s something that can be worked towards as a guarantee vs RNG.

However for some folks, they wouldn’t have cared enough to get the 100 sigils anyways so maybe this is more than fair compensation for them? Then again, they wouldn’t be the ones complaining on the forums if they didn’t care enough


I agree 100 sigils to me hasn’t been a chance for 6-8 months, it’s been a guarantee. So I still feel inadequately compensated

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Oh I didn’t say it was either adequate or inadequate.

I think 100 sigils plus 10 bronze may have been more representative of what was lost on an individual level.

Team level, that’s another story.

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But now we lost every chance to get that, didn’t we?

To explain why I used this particular word we need to highlight the fact that the “Daily activity reward” gives us the chance to get 100 sigils, given that we meet certain criteria for 5 consecutive days.

It would qualify as “guaranteed” if it was given anyway, to everyone within the team, regardless personal effort.

How about the team?

Keep scrolling! :wink:

I will be most irritated if my team doesn’t get to the lvl 10 chest because of this glitch :unamused:

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You are using the word chance as if it’s a matter of luck/RNG.

It’s not.

People don’t have a CHANCE to get 100 sigils, they have the opportunity to EARN them.

Huge difference.


It’s possible to get if all 50 members do all the remaining quests, (50x240=12000pts)

I know at least two people couldn’t do quests yesterday, I’m not sure how many more. We’ll see if we can hit the lvl 10 chest… It’s been a while since we missed it :see_no_evil:

Zero room for error, perfect.

(To be clear, I’m not in this boat at all)

I think it may be a bit unfair conditionally based on how each team was individually affected

“Only” 12000/15000 points are needed to get the last chest if my memory serves me right. So I strongly believe you will get it knowing your team’s devotion.


Yes, absolutely. Let’s take my team as an example:

We normally get to level 6, sometimes 7. In our case blocking some of the active participants can have a stronger negative impact than on a very enthusiastic team, which normally scores around 13-14k.

A bird in the hand is 2 in the Bush.

Couldn’t resist.

Personally, from what I understand so far, this is not a good compensation. Although I found the communication to be confusing at best.

I’m not convinced it’s all done yet. I have a bunch of angry people. I’ve advised them wait and see what happens Monday.

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I have not yet received any compensation

Neither have I

Me neither, opened a ticked about it and only received the automated response a few hours later.

I say no, I submitted a help ticket, was told I would be compensated and still have yet to receive it. I’ve replied to my ticket asking when compensation will be sent out but heard nothing in return.


We did not get the 100 sigils? This is so fracked up.

I do my quests without fail and did not get credit for day 1. See above. Either way this is broken.

100 sigils is nothing. PG should hand that out like skittles at Halloween to anyone who even looks close to having finished their quests.

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I got a message from support saying I would get them, so my advice is to keep on them, and make them make it right