Dodo/rider ! no rider

should dodo be aloud to have a rider it can’t fly well.

it waits for wind to pick it up

I don’t see why it matters either way… if you don’t want a rider on it, don’t put one. If you do, go for it. Either way, any dragon should be “allowed” to have a rider, doesn’t mean you have to put one on it.

A rider on Dodo should be allowed to struggle to stay on the Dragon, grasping desperately at any asperity in sheer fear of falling off this majestic mount. Make it happen!

Jokes aside, you can bond a rider to Dodo, even if you can’t see them ride I think?


I use him for Atlas missions. It’s a good way to be able to see the nostalgic dragons more often.

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if you look he flies then falls flies then falls flies th …

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it’s his life in a nutshell.

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