Dodo's not available to breed in IOS

Dodo’s not available to breed in IOS with parents breedable, can breed them in android though

I cannot even log into game and all Android device users are able to.

What is the status as the last post I was was closed in 15 mins

Was this not an April fool by Pg with Dodo​:smirk::face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:

You can still breed dodo you just have to click the parents for it to come up. Click hext and etzel. You will be able to breed them

Dodo is always breedable. For the other 2, I imagine that’s in the update (that’s still out on limbo).

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Umm… I bred all the 3 dodos like yesterday? And I am on iOS…

…Update the game, maybe?

How long is donivalis’ incubation?

Almost 9 days without discounts from research etc according to Dragon manager.


Despite completely exiting game and reloading Wednesday night, manually selecting parents of Dodopyyr only gave 5 possible outcomes, and Dodopyyr wasn’t among them. Was assured Dodopyyr was in fact breedable, and after spending g 5.7k egg tokens with no observable progress I gave up.
Update became available in app store Thursday morning. I installed, and now parents gave 6 outcomes.
I submitted a ticket with screenshot evidence, and was dismissed by PG support. Basically told that there was no problem and to go pound sand over my lost tokens.
Great customer support PG. You advertise something as available, which it was not. You state update not required, which it was. And you refuse to make things right when shown evidence to support my claims.
Way to go!
Funny coincidence that I am F2P…

I’m not sorry to say that I agree with you not being compensated for your own actions. I have had my fair share of doing silly things, and in the end I learned to do things when I am 100% sure that I get the results I aim for.

What I mean: you didn’t lose your tokens, you spent them. Therefore you got points for them, you might even have claimed prize(s).

dodo is breedable in IOS…? did you update ?

@minimini2708 Dodo has been breedable since day 1 I created my account. Just to clarify.

Dodopyyr, Donivalis, Chunk: not so much.


yeah, dodo has been breedable for years now lol. even outside events ( i remember getting a few frags outside of event for dodo years ago ) maybe that isn’t the case and im loony and forgot

We will have to agree to disagree.
I concede that I spent those tokens. But since it requires 19k points for me to claim the next prize, I earned no prizes for my efforts. I’m done with the event. I have 4 egg tokens left. I can’t go any farther. I could, however, use the 5.7k tokens to finish Donivalis, for whom I have 180/220 fragments, and cannot use mythic frags to finish.

I am unclear how I could have been more certain that I could spend my remaining tokens on a limited-availability useless dragon since PG had stated that the dodo line were breedable and that the update was not needed, and the facts clearly contradict this.

But rather than research and verify, please continue to deny that there was a glitch in the matrix and attack me directly

I don’t understand. Why are people breeding these dragons? What are you going to do with them?

The point is, if they refunded your tokens, they would be taking the points you got back with them. Also, how do you spend 5.7k before you realize no progress is being made?

Well, I just had research eggs on the agenda, and am a completionist, so… :woman_shrugging:

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I was done with the event Wednesday night. I bred Anapa, and would be busy with work Thursday through Sunday. No way to get Sek and Anapa to breedable, and nowhere near enough tokens to get Apop before event would be over. I had a small number of leftover tokens and figured “what the hell” i’ll get the limited-edition drags to finish the event.

I had concerns from the beginning, but time was a factor and was assured repeatedly everything would work out fine, or I would not have done so.

Would gladly return any points or benefits for earned. In any other circumstances I wouldn’t really care. It’s only 5.7k tokens. Hell, I spent tokens after the update became available early Thursday morning, so I planned to spend them anyways. But because of the glitch I do not have enough left to finish Donivalis before he returns to no-longer-breedable. How long will it be until he’s breedable again? Years? And ALL of this because there were significant glitches with this event and the current update.

As to why? Because it wasn’t that much and I though it would be cool to have them in my collection.

I’m so over this now. Honestly don’t really care anymore.
Moving on…

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