Does 100% token bonus applied to token reward from opening chest?

Hello all,

Festive dragon this season is so trash. I have it at harbinger tier 700m ap , it’s struggling to finish a 200m base PVE in event rn

I’m considering of not maxing dragconic chests this season because I don’t all the shards reward for this trash dragon and Grumuk which is isn’t any better.

Is maxing dragconic chests still worth it at this point considering that game will prio on giving most shards for 2 dragons I dislike very much?

Does 100% token bonus applied to token reward from opening chest?

No, 100% token bonus applied to Zeppelin Mission ONLY. If I was not mistaken.

I believe all egg token boosts are mission boosts, whether seasonal, elite, or breeeding event

If your struggling with a base that is so easy then I’m pretty sure you haven’t practiced enough and the dragon is okay for experts and possibly great from the endgame players who gear almost any dragon anymore.

People don’t just get festive dragons for nothing those chests are more valuable than you think cut the festive some slack at least it had appetizing resources with the chests.


Draconic chests are more about energy packs and inner fires for me.

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Not sure what game you’re playing but this festive is indeed trash. At endgame there are no good festives, no one will be taking an endgame base defended even with the best gear, rider and runes. They’re just not designed for that. But yes, getting the festive is about the chests, not the dragon. The only reason not to get it is if you cant afford at least most of the chests.

Wonder if PG would decide to change festive dragons in the future in a way that it can 100% any end game bases even against 3D with enough practice, somewhat like how hauheset was able to for a long while. -I bet some of the hauheset fliers can still do that (or maybe bare 70%, but a win is still a win) even now. :joy:

Well here’s the funny thing I find even with the best gear some of my dragons still can’t face endgame, same goes for defenses I know their supposed to be hard but it just feels like this is some statistical war game and everything has to be precise anymore.