Does a hunter benefit from +4 ammo?

Will a hunter benefit from adding runes and rider to have as many as +4 ammo?
Or is there a point where adding more ammo will not do anything (or even make it worse)?

More Ammo won’t make a dragon worse unless it blocks other more useful things. Some hunters benefit more than others.
What dragon do you have in mind?

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Basically what ruru said… adding ammo wouldn’t specifically make the dragon worse unless you had other runes you could possibly use. But if you hypothetically only had ammo runes and the base dragon, it would not make it worse at any point, no.

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There’s dragon that benefit from ammo and there’s those that benefits more from attack


Reason for me asking is that I have heard something about the number of ammo having impact on how much AP each shot is using. But it is not a firm rumour or based on anything.
I was thinking about Helminn or Quilleth when I get him (or is it her?)

Ammo only affects the total number of shots you have. You start with 8 and get more and more based on research/runes/riders.

Can’t comment on those two dragons because I don’t have them.

And ignore AP, it’s a useless stat.


That’s because you can’t be adding runes of attack power probably. Another statement is an ammo rune or glyph that gives you ammo+rage won’t effect your AP, while basic attack runes will increase the AP

Tough, i see the logic behind the question. The hunters that are solely bound on the regular ammo regeneration benefits from the ammo runes less.

The thing for Quilleth is there are 2 spells that you can refresh your ammo with, and ammo runes are more valuable than Atk runes on these kind of dragons.


Actually in theory, ammo runes are always better than attack runes. What makes me to worry about in practice is that the people spending their ammos furiously, because visually the damage that towers get looks after you hit the tower, not when you attack. When your ammo finishes, those dragons who use the regular ammo regeneration hits lesser with every single ammos, and these runes don’t effect the ammo regeneration rate

Very interesting, thanks a lot

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Is Quillith even any good?

Mines 40 but with red / blue spells only and no white spells in my head it just seems to vulnerable.

Haven’t put a rider on it but its no Helminn (in my opinion)

Not entirely true, sorry Demircan. Ammo can be quantified as adding extra DPS much the same as Attack runes do. This means that there absolutely is a tipping point where ammo adds less potential DPS than attack runes do. The exact point varies for the attack rune.

The fine line can be that a dragon with very limited options to renew ammo may be better off having more individual shots to spread that dps across more targets. In that case, ammo will always be better than attack runes*. For dragons with varying form of ammo renewal, you will have varying degrees of balancing extra ammo with attack runes.

*For clarity, ammo regen potential is not the only factor here so I want to make it clear that I have only highlighted one of the scenarios that may affect choice of ammo vs attack.


dang i lose the ammo vs attack argument all the time, thank you Nido

The damage output is somehow low. I am expecting Quileth to be a 2nd Helminn when we can max him out. Tower levels will also be higher, so this might never happen. Tough, there is a chance of some changes in the spell kit or getting a kind of buff when they become “mythics” with the level 41. We’ll see


Does that mean some of his kit might turn white?

Yes :eyes: but these are just possibilities :raised_hands:t2:

I think he’s ok if he’s beefed with research and gear.


That’s pretty good!!

I wish I had a decent earth set :expressionless:


What about Jaalkan? Ammo or Attack runes?
I have this

Off subject but how is your Qilleth 40 when level 35 is his cap currently due to den 143 not being available yet??


Ammo and Rage for jalkaan, is what I’d say, he has a one shot spells already so attack maybe not much important, than rage
You need alot of rage to use his spells and more ammo to spam down towers while his spells are in cooldown
Plus he already has an attack boost when his cloak expires

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My bad I must of read expert at 40 and not the level. I only have 2 Artisan and neither are on my roster.

Warrior and Hunter are both 35 - good catch!