Does anyone have a unique name for their dragon?


Okay I hope I am not the only one. But does anyone watch Games of Thrones and name your dragon or even any other TV shows/anime that names their dragon a certain name. Because I did that for my Necryx and Avyx

Game of thrones

Now all I need is Drogon and Balerion
If a purple dragon comes out I will so name it Spyro
An orange one who be Charizard (although it is a fire lizard) but the mega is a dragon.



Just in case someone has finished watching all seven season currently out.

Your Viserion is very fitting given the end of the last season. Did you rename his rider to the NightKing? Lol


I was so close no joke. But I don’t think Grog fit the night king looks so nope kekeke once I get a rider that looks like the night king tho. Yeah I name it Viserion because Necryx did say it died once lol. Seriously praying I get next season divine that looks like Drogon or Balerion. Then after that I probably need like a Jon Snow rider or Daenerys for my Drogon


'Fluffy" and “Snuggles” are my favorites.


Thats cute names. If there is a cloud dragon I would name it fluffy hahahaha


I have a lot of my dragons named after star wars characters

those are two of my favorites


I like the fulcrum one hahahah pretty alike I would say as for tiplee in the later tiers there are dragon similar you can rename to but this is just hilarious. Glad I am not the only one.


Well I rename all of them lol thank you


I renamed my Grogg to TurdCutter but haven’t renamed any dragons


I can’t rename mine now … :frowning:
Planning to rename in future hahahah


I’ve only ever renamed two of mine. I changed Snowdrop’s name to KillingFrost after a character in the Merry Gentry series by Laurel K. Hamilton (character is a sidhe fae and member of the unseelie court).

The other dragon I renamed is Avyx. I changed his name to DancerHauk after a character in The League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.


OMG Snowdrop. I want it so bad but I join too late to this game hahaha and Ayvx I love DancerHawk the name especially since Avyx did have like somersaults issue previously hahahaha


He experts at 45 (Platinum). I still use him at level 210 but not for long. :frowning:


Grog? He has one of the best boost att if I a not wrong or it is the best?


snowdrop lacks a damage spell and isn’t that great.


I thought they had the same hair :man_shrugging:t3:


Oh serious? I just like dragons that look good during war and a support dragon like snowdrop. But now I know it lacks att …


What hahahaha Trump is that who you are comparing sorry if I’m wrong hahaha but now I see it I can’t unsee this


Yup, sorry now you’ll think that whenever it flies lol


I will avoid the temptation of going down the political road… I must respect my commander in chief. It can be a challenge though.