Does anyone have a unique name for their dragon?


Hahahaha no need to apologise hahahah its just the first person I ever see describing a dragon with him lolol


I renamed Borgian—Zeus, Nightshade—Aries, and Caladbrog or whatever—Thor.


I quit renaming mine because then I’d forget who they originally were…


You mean fluffy wasn’t always named that?! Darja? who is that?


I really like nightshade suits the name aries. The dragon of war


His capabilities during war at such a low level is why I named him that :grin: I was probably in my 90s taking out defenses in the 15 to 20 mil range, killed as high as lvl 200 with his measly 6m AP haha (or was it 4? :thinking:). Of course that was only on pro Crumble bases


At least he sounds good after a fight seeing him flying as the dragon of war. Damn must feel good


I just come up with names on my own lol… Let’s see here…

• Kinnarus --> Quetzalia (she reminds me of a quetzal, that one bird lol)
• Chimerak --> Niokros
• Amarok --> Caspian
• Avyx --> Goldenhawk
• Ettin --> Stonewatcher

I’ve renamed a few others (Drakius --> Vampirus), but they aren’t in my roster. Leos is, but I haven’t renamed him. Thank god you made this topic, I was gonna ask this question sooner or later lol.


I named them in the begining but I too starting forgetting who they were but my last one was Krunky!


I renamed Arborious-TreeManBitch


Omg :joy: I named mine Arbys.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: love it


Chimerak names sound so cool
Kinnarius name being quetzal just made me imagine the bird flying with sparkles behind …magical indeed


I also name my dragons after characters and such. For instance, my Aster is named Callisto. After Jupiter’s moon and my nickname.


I renamed Necryx “Dracula,” Borgian “Krystal,” and Avyx “Samauri”

Dracula because he is just dripping blood, Krystal…well because he is crystalline, and Samauri, because he just made me think of a Samuari for some reason. I have not really bothered with any of the other dragons. If I have another dragon I like, I will go ahead and rename him.


My Equestor has been renamed to SkunkyMcFkOff


I named my Equestor The Thunderer, but am trying to decide if DoubleTrouble or DoubleThunder would be a better name. What do you guys think?


Odin’s Eq is named double trouble. IDK I say pick what you like no one else will see it… but that leaves a great idea. (OMG we need a light bulb emoji) in battle we should be able to see the name given not default name




how did you get that? :unamused: