Does anyone have a unique name for their dragon?




LOL type the word bulb between two colons.

If you hover over any emoji it shows you. I thought I could trick it by putting it in quotes. Got a quoted light bulb.


:bulb: Tada :tada:


The nickname given to me by a teammate after a boozey night of CTF when I put 18k points into the #1 team (to the dismay of said teammate) and we still lost our flag. :grin: Now this dragon serves as a constant reminder:

My favorite dragon naming though was one of my teammates named his Merk “Turdwurm” :joy:.


You stole mine


Named my Leo’s Alex from Alex the lion (Madagascar movies) :lion::lion:


I named my leos DragonDonald…


I named all of my strong dragons after Greek/Roman mythology (also where my name comes from). Some examples of this are;
Necryx - Hades
Kinnarus - Rhea
Kelvin/Vulcan - Artemis/Apollo



I named my Equestor Zappy, Ember is Rusty and Ochre is called Poopin


Thats what Im doing with the riders. Grogg = Hades, Tor = Poseidon

Had to name Kayla Daenerys though because of the silver hair


Krunky sounds like crunchy cute name for a dragon hahaha omg if a chocolate dragon comes out I am so naming it crunchy


Damn. I would name them those but being a teacher seeing those reminds me of my students. So naming my Equestor Zeus or pegasus


Rusty is op tho if you don’t lvl him up. Orche is useful now cause warrior flames increase in speed in the last few updates




Arborious was TreeDragon
Hydron -> GrapeDragon
Etzel -> AvacadoDragon (or just Avacado)

Avyx is Apocalypse

I don’t usually name my dragons, but the Tree/Grape/Avacado dragons were an inside joke and Avyx was named after a former teammate.


Ochre is utterly useless without evo stones. I fly gold legendaries, the only orange dragon I have on roster is lv28 Azure. (Amarok)

Rusty is lv 20, she was my greatest asset until I reached green tier.


Yeah I agree about Ochre being useless without the stones hahaha how I wish it was like easier to obtain :frowning:


I never rename dragons but I do rename riders, the one that gives bonus to hunter dragons is renamed HunterRider, Defender for defender, etc… but Grogg I renamed MightyMidget because he looks so small on Necryx’s back but packs a helluva punch :grin:


Avyx being name apocalypse sounds really suiting. He really have talon frenzy which is another Havoc hahaha make sense. About hydron and the rest, hahahahaha I can imagine the colour and the dragon. Never heard anyone name their dragon after fruits hahaha maybe a watermelon dragon will happen soon


MightyMidget is really mighty hahaha he was like the least expected for the halloween season to be honest.