Does anyone have a unique name for their dragon?



Boomer hahaha that new and Janitor? Hahaha he cleans up the base for you well he really does especially his white thunderbolt


Zam —->. Iron Maiden
Leos —-> Furious Pride
Enki——> Ender


I like Zamrok name Iron Maiden suits it until a legit Iron dragon female like comes


Avyx- GoldenEagle
Drude- BlueHelper
Ettin- RatLegs (its what i see :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:)
Ember- ForeverYoung( decided to evolve him to replace enki due to that invert)
Kirin- Princess
Aibrean- HawkHorn
Whalegnawer- GoldRuler
Consurgerns- WeakWhale


GoldenEagle should be his nickname in the game not war hawk hahahaha Ember is best at lvl 1. No heal time (exp farm master)



Not TrumpyLion like that ridiculous “TrumpyBear” commercial I see on the History channel?


with the tie and suit haha


Ember -> CashStealer
I am not a slender so really Ember does steal some peoples $$ I know. Back then I also didn’t know to just keep it at level 1 :cry:


Yeah he is quite useful until now hahaah eventhough he cost like minimum 160 bucks … -.- oh yeah the lvl 1 farm xp master or xp run


Spindra: Anancy (the spider)
Hauheset: Tracer (they both rewind)
I called Necryx Scrooge over Christmas and never got around to changing it.


can you rename a rider after you named it onec already? I have looked around and not found a way to do so.


Right now you can’t. I’d really like to rename my Grogg from “Grogg” to “Daemon” since Kayla is already “Seraphina”.




Every time I flew him it cracked me up, the name kind of stuck so I had to change it.


Learned too late it’s better to spend the $$$ on breeding paths instead of divines…


Money wasted hahaha. Isn’t he like one of the mythic of the season? Is he really bad ?


No they were both okay dragons. Morph was especially good. But with the rate PG introduces new tiers spending to chase the mythic season dragons isn’t worth the cost IMO.


That is only a problem for end game players.