Does anyone have a unique name for their dragon?


true but the vast majority of those spending for the mythics are end game players.


I would concur with that assessment


Because of my name I obviously have:

  • Viserion

  • Drogon

  • Rhaegal

But I also have:
Shaggy dog
Grey Wind… all for the dire wolves

My love of Harry Potter isn’t forgotten either


For Doctor Who I have:
Number Nine, Ten, and eleven


I renamed Nightshade to ‘Useless’.
Because it was my first event when I started playing, and I only got one stone for him. :cry:


I named a rider after my wife…seems appropriate.


All mine are Guardians of the Galaxy characters and favorite passages…I am groot, you are me…
I so can not believe I’m admitting that :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️ I’m way to old to be a fan girl…but, baby :baby: groot…:heart:


What a romantic husband you are.


I swear this dragon looks weird and being explain as dildo is so weird yet looks like hahaha


If they have a dragon that has roots all over the body or made of roots, I would so name it groot.


Well he is not complete useless, you can use that dragon as a xp farm to save xp to transfer when feeding or use that dragon to help other lower players when they need help


Which Dragon did you name Drogon? I don’t have any darker shade dragon to name it Drogon.


As soon as I acquired Kirin I named her "Fluffy"
As in.
“It’s so FLUFFY I’m gonna Die!” :joy:


Amarok is Dwayne



Hahaha the rock. The one everyone use from lvl 50 ?


I named them by names of Hindu gods and some dragons names in GOT like Dreamfyre, Sunfyre…


Hahaha glad I am not the only one


Oh, I forgot a couple of my others…
Grogg: Bam Bam
Necryx: DreadPool


Bambam hahaha thats a cute name. Are you refering to got7 Bambam or just a cute name cause it adorable for a rider. I should name my grogg cutely too but instead name him kronos lol


BamBam as in the Flinstones :grin:


Hex is named Kylo ren . My favorite character from Star Wars and a victim of poor parenting. Yes I am an apologist as well as a reylo supporter. Stopped naming dragons after that I won’t remember who they are