Does anyone have a unique name for their dragon?


the caveboy omg now that is cute hahaha bambam grows up to become grogg hahahaa


Hahaha I see that most people rename their dragon after a show, Star Wars seems to be a large amount. If they make a transparent dragon I will name it The Force


I already mentioned fluffy above


I named mine HOTTODOGGU


Renamed Kirin to MyLilPony and Chim to Killmonger. But my dream come true when I have enough free time for that is to call divines as suitable dota characters. Chimerak and Equ would be Razor and Zeus then maybe and Kirin probably Anti-Mage


Was just going through all my dragons to see if I’d renamed any, only one was Sekoronos => WhatTheSek, which must’ve been from 2+ years ago and some team joke because I don’t rename any dragons for fear of forgetting the actual name as many have pointed out. :see_no_evil:


Kirin with the name Anti Mage sounds pretty dope. Like yeah I like that name. :+1:


Some Dragon have a special place in our heart so we rename them but I agree I do forget the original names at times.


Amarok—> Hammercock


RainbowDthBunny I’m sure you can guess the dragon


All I can think is Kirin especially since I name my raindow Unicorn :smile:



Only one I ever bothered naming, I think.


Major Crisis what’s the original name of this dragon ? Sounds dope tho


I was going to rename Kirin 'SparklePony" but had to go with SparkleKitty instead.

Only because SparkleKittycorn was too long.




I rename mine No Lag but it still lags sometimes lol :smiley:


I like sparkle kitty, sparkle pony is too common. Keep it kitty sounds cute yet dangerous on perch


Yeah, I left that out of my first post accidentally - Kitty because it looks more feline than equine.

Hmm. will probably go on a perch soon… then my base will look FABULOUS!!!.
Meh. maybe not.


Yeah it made the perch pinkish freaking sparkles