Does anyone know the gold cost for each lvl of primarchs upgrades?

mines maxed at 2 right now was curious what they are moving forward almost uncapped the gold storage amount to go to 3 and possibly 4. was curious how far i can go if i got storage building up to 42 and how long id have to wait to go past that. if someone could fill in the gold cost for each upgrade starting with lvl 3 id appreciate it or just the ones they know works too thanks.

<included images below for resource storage upgrade info /and/ gold storage info for each lvl.>

Here’s the image for resource storage upgrade info

Here’s the image for lvls/gold storage amounts info

Mech has more info than you could possibly want here:

Scroll down to his primarch leveling sheet.

You should really stop using amoeba and just use dragon-manager.


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