Does anyone know yet what the next event is going to be after the current pvp one is over? also curious what the next atlas one is

lmk if you do thnx. was wondering if its going to be a building after the current pvp (the one with Gustav’s islands) is over and if anyone has any idea also wht the next atlas event will be as well.


Edit, oh yeah, as far as Atlas events go, you’re getting stuff the majority of the game isn’t, so who cares? :man_shrugging::rofl:


Maybe kingpin in Atlas? Dunno but seems like it’s due.

And the one after fort is KOTH

I doubt it. The gap for kingpin was a couple (or more?) months so I suspect it’ll be similar to the training event setup, ie not for a little while.

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Last Kingpin was only it’s 2nd time in rotation. They tweaked it and have more tweaks in next occurance (won’t look like poachers).

I like Kingpin and I hope it comes back soon.

Should be poacher wipeout type of thing (not poacher race), then train primes, then revive

I am hoping the next event will be breeding. I am sitting on over 2,000 egg tokens.

Breeding is most likely the event after the next. The pattern usually sticks to PvP-Fort-PvP-Breeding and so on. Feeding pops in every once in a while, too.
I feel you on the breeding tokens though, lol. I’ve got 47k and I’m itching to get Jagra and Kulan.

Facing breeding with a little over 2000 egg token will make higher player cries, but good for you.
There is still chance to double (or make it 10 times… Be confident :smiley: ) it before breeding.

Anyway, I’m kinda curious about what event will replace KotH…

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Muahahaha I get that in a couple hours of grinding… :joy:

Breeding will come after the next event, a pvp. You still have time to get more, keep it up :slight_smile: No one started making 100k tokens per month.

I am a level 40 who has been trying for Noss. Have spent over 8,000 tokens and have managed to get a whopping 26 fragments out of, :grimacing:

What are you doing to get egg tokens? And what league is your team in?

Learn how I grind bro :yum:

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You’re the grind master. I bow at your feet :joy:

@DerangedSkrill for egg tokens I’m doing the missions that reset every so often (w/ elite amounts doubled) and then events give away tokens and recently in game and atlas monuments give em away during runs.

right now my teams in Saph 3 pushing towards Saph2

stay on the grind @Grumpybigbird lol

Should be breeding event…

Here is a video on how to predict events!

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