Does Coatl just suck?


If the towers are higher than what that Coatl is “meant” to take (IDK how to phrase that) then yeah it’s gonna have a bad time no matter the flier. He’s just not made to take bases higher than what his current level is meant for (again bad phrasing it’s 3am shhh) and even Invaders will end up being a pain if they’re too high.
But yeah If you do struggle with an equal-level Invader base compared to your Coatl then you’re probably a shit flier. :t_rex:


Coatl is like Mehaten in some sense.

He is a good dragon, just in the wrong season (where Tez, Zotz, and Axi is)


What season would be better for him? The season’s I’ve played so far (since fall 2017) all had at least 3 dragons better than Coatl, including all the discount dragons. I think he was already part of the weakest season in a while.


Kinnarus’s season? :eyes:


You mean the most OP dragon ever??

But that season also had Zamrok and Borgian. Don’t have them of course, but I think Coatl still wouldn’t make the cut…


65 (now 66) posts in and yet I answered the OP in the first response. Arnt moderators suppose to close thread then tag it as solved or something?


Only the OP can tag it as solved I think, and perhaps he doesn’t feel you quite solved it to his liking :grin:


Mods can too.


Isn’t thunderbolt = thunderbolt?
Would be rune dependent and hence not really dragon dependent if you added +chains onto it.

Coatl you can control rage just as easily, cycle your adaptive resists and i bet he makes close to the same rage as equestor.


But… but that would involve tapping the screen :scream: Equestor has the lazy man’s version :frowning:

(Not that I have either one.)


they dont give thunderbolt chain rune for coatl, they give it to equestor

The part that hard to control is that tapping screen for rage while attacking but if you can control that part well and not killing a weakest tower/perch to gain rage, it will give lots of rage back while under freeze rage effect


Yeah, and if neither dragon has this rune (aka comparing apples to apples) then they are the same. What if you saved the chain rune and put it on Coatl? It’s not fair to say that one is superior vs inferior based on an equippable…


I count coalt is discount dragon so you must get equestor season branch for the rune
neglect branch factor, both will lost something. Anyway you dont have to agree with me, you can make your own comparison.


I did this and I feel Coatl is far superior to Equestor because no sorcerer with a forced summon should have a steal spell, that can and often does disable the white spell, forcing you to use a red spell without the +chains in it’s place.


Lol, coatl is the gladicus of sorcerers :joy: yea I knew first seeing him his lightning was a poor spell choice when he has a Damage buff. He’d be good for low levels and minimal blue mage bases.


I’ve gotten much better at flying coatl in the last few days. The advice that @Lutrus gave at the beginning of this thread to quit using thunderbolt so much was good advice.

Nevertheless, he still kinda sucks. When fighting at or above level he is basically only useful as a rage factory for the following dragon unless there happens to be no blue tower on the kill island.


I prefer mystic barrage as a white spell :eyes:


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