Does conquering resets shield cooldown?

I have witnessed a castle enter cooldown, then owners lost it, conquered it back and then bubbled it again all within 30 minutes (I was not watching it continuously). Does conquering a castle reset its shield cooldown period? If so it looks like a bug as it makes possible to keep castles bubbled forever

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Yes it does.

Long answer: On conquer, the infrastructure is stored for the original team. Which is what the cooldown was running on, so on store that cooldown is no longer needed and is completed. A new infrastructure can then be applied, which once guards are hired the bubble can activate.


Yes and it’s ridiculous.

One of the teams I am on/help has been attempting a conquer for about a week, but before we even have the CHANCE to conquer, they surrendered to a gold shell team, and them reconquered… completely avoiding the CD. They did this about 5 times.

Conquer with main team → Build 80k guards → kill the guards → 24h bubble → drop shield → conquer with shell team → REPEAT

We finally got it, but its still very annoying and exploitative.


The issue is, if you put in a rule that you can’t have a shield activate for x time after a conquer, then any team that conquers it will immediately be vulnerable and no recourse to give a breather to recoup.

So any fix to what you two are considering an exploit will actually make conquering more costly.

Example: Team A conquers a castle from Team B. Team C comes in and conquers from Team A. Team D comes in and conquers from Team C. Team A tries to reconquer and fails. Then the castle goes hot potato across teams as no one can activate a shield to stop the bleed until X time after conquer is done, reset after every time it is conquered.

Which would you rather have?

Oh, and don’t forget the gold lost every time a castle is conquered too. This is already being played out on the hot potato T4 access castles. Not enough guards/troops to bubble so it can literally be conquered over and over and over again.


Make the cooldown last the sum of preceding interrupted cooldowns and the shield be triggered for half the preceding shield duration ?

This will exponentially make it difficult to exploit the trick illegally

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We could also just impose a 1-week conquest cooldown on resetting shield cooldowns on conquest. :slight_smile: A meta-cooldown.


Well it seems there are a few teams using this trick to keep castles and avoid any burden of defense, so I wonder if PG realizes that once the trick is well known everybody will be using it…

@PGGalileo is this against the rules? i would think so but needs fixing

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Perhaps a limit to the number of times the same team can put fresh infra on the same castle? Once per 2-week season period?

Then if they do lose it, win it back put their one fresh set of infra and guards, but then still can’t hold it they’d have to get another team to hold it until they are into the next 2-week window.

So once a castle is conquered once, it can’t be conquered or surrendered again for 1 week? Seems to go against the more fighting and castle turnover wanted in Atlas, but would solve the issue. What happens when a team that knows the castle can’t be conquered just moves all troops off and lets it sit with 0 guards simply because they can?

Wouldn’t this just reinforce the need for a mega alliance? Would put new teams and those outside of a mega alliance with maybe not a good 5ta at a disadvantage should they get into a fight for the castle where the castle changes hands multiple times in a couple days.

So combine it with the changes to 5ta cooldown and passage cooldown.

Another potential to stop abuse of the Bubble would be to make any castle actively bubbled or in CD (outside of PvP) can’t be surrendered until after the bubble and CD are finished.

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Nah. Once a castle has been conquered, it can still be conquered again. However, conquest will not reset the shield cooldown for the next 168h.

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