Does Corthanak end up half price?

Just wondering if corthanac ends up being half price if the discount and the warrior get done? i know he is not supposed to, but…

when you click on his page, and prizes, the prices appear to be the same as the half price hunter

Maybe we shouldn’t have brought this to their attention? :wink:

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Lol, such evil laughter

Probably just a visual glitch until you unlock his line

Just boo. :-1:

I just checked it on my end. All of the costs are the correct amounts. It looks as though it is discounted at the beginning because the first few prizes are only 50 sigils rather than the 100 they are for Nollaig or Aibrean’s line when not discounted. The total cost for Corthanak’s line is 22.5K. Hope this helps!


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