Does event just simply continue? How about BlackScreen? It's unfair

Why the game event just simply continue?
I knew that the issue regarding players experiencing black screens while trying to access the Event Page has already been escalated to developers.
But don’t you think that’s unfair between players who can access the event page and players who cannot. And it impacts to team point of the guilds those have some of black screen members.

We understand, we are not the most of players but we believe that
the black screen players are not a small number.
What is the compensation? When the BUG has been fixed?

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The thing is I realy don’t think they care I have the same problem


I agree, it really isn’t fair. But I also think PG doesn’t care about fairness.

Yes it does seem like they could care less. In time the game will have lost it’s customer base. Unless I’m compensated well for lost rewards, the game will no longer have the attraction it once had. I have no intention of spending my money where I’m not respected as a customer.

Just updated the app and still no fix for the black screen event issue

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