Does inferno bolt research fix work?

In the v4.70 release notes we have:

I’m agonising over whether I should replace my archer with a fire flak (and risk running out of elemental embers in the future). There are lots of good supershot runes available for archer towers, which should make it a decent DPS tower. So I thought I’d check these runes really work.

On one of my accounts I have a level 35 archer with 52% supershot runes and the 15% inferno bolt research. Which should mean we get 684k damage.

But I flew a Danzig with 645k HP and it just survives being hit by the supershot. Which to me looks suspiciously like the 15% research is still not working.

So has anyone confirmed whether this research really is fixed? (@Arelyna)

BTW I hadn’t really appreciated that the attack boost you get from monuments and defense swords do not increase the supershot.

It is also interesting that as you get to higher level towers the difference between the attack of a dark flak and an archer narrows significantly eg:
at level 35 a dark flak has 4.4x the attack and 3x the supershot.
at level 60 a dark flak has 1.7x the attack and 2.4x the supershot.

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