Does KinnaruX replace Krelos?

Just curious if KinnaruX will be a viable replacement for Krelos?

Kins version of speed demon compared to Krelos seems fairly cut down as described by Gal on the stream because Krelos was too strong and it impacted atlas.

I watched the flight video and (1) I couldn’t see much of a speed increase. (Spell has short duration) when the button was pushed and (2) the aoe nuke looked fairly watered down.

Sor also had a flight speed increase which was fairly weak. (Short range and long CD)

Kins flight speed boost looks better than Sor but is it good enough to replace Krelos? (Given Krelos will struggle in future tower tiers)

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sry but it goes slower not faster



Ohhhh it was a typo.

Ok that answers my question then LOL :slight_smile:


No Krelos is faster and Kinnarax has a miss spelled spell that dodges and dodges always slow down Dragons normally hunters like back in the good old days.

By misspelled I mean typo I guess


I just watched the video again and they say its a 3 second speed boost is that wrong as well?

At 29m you can play from

yes :pensive:

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Kinnarix slows down :joy::sweat_smile:


Crazy that slide deck is a typo and them talking about the spell was all wrong.

Way to kill the season excitement before it starts ROFL.


Ikr? :sweat_smile: Was really looking forward to a speedy dragon…since I only have Krelos at green tier :sob::joy:

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Same here - I took a 2 year break and came back mid season that Krelos was offered :frowning:


Ha! I started playing when Sunscorch started. I win! :joy::rofl:

Kidding. I apologise if this was offensive :sweat_smile:

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Honestly there have been many typos and incorrect information added to the slides, blogs and info given to the CF. Seems a lot of copy/paste is happening. It’ll be interesting to see if these incorrect details are copy/pasted into the blog/annoucement again.

I new Krelos would be nice but KinnX doesn’t really have the right kind of spell kit to support a fast flight style like that


I dont like the portet from Ikkumma…it’s a child… :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

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Sorcs are kinda trash though I don’t really see the point of them unless they are fast like Krelos at least then it has a use.

A slow sorc is just horrible :[

Where would it get use?

You need speed for atlas

Sorcs are bad for wars and are bad for any situation with a defender.

I just dont see KinX being viable in the current meta.

It just seems like an expensive mythic that won’t even earn a spot on the 10 player bench.

I have more hunters than I can shake a stick at and don’t need another one.

Can’t help but feel bored of the season before it has even started. Maybe I need some of the high % beer Gal was drinking to get some my happy face on!!


Sorcerers in general are the unloved red-headed step children of WD and get the least amount of attention and love. Hell, Hugo is still the highest HP rider for sorcerers
They sometimes have their niches but yes, it is very rare to find one that is viable as a lead but we have had them. Jorm, Apop and Lupin were all very solid sorcerers. Sepulla was almost there, she got way better after her buff and could have been really good with a couple more tweaks. Azrael seems pretty decent though I haven’t seen her fly much.

I see no justification yet for this. Honestly she does look viable to me but we will need to see her fly. I was very bored with the fall, winter and spring seasons but Im at least a bit excited for this summer. Both mythics right now at least look viable. At least right now my only complaints are KinnX’s stupid atk runes (totally BS reasoning behind it) and how lame the rider is. She needs like another 7-10 % HP for a sorcerer added. As is she’s just a weaker version of Xandra


This. Kinnarix with a speed spell would be a very bad idea, especially that it’s in the cycle spell - you would practically end up never filly destroying a base which isn’t really mythic worthy.


Any dragon with abilities that slow them down is just a big downside for me :frowning:

Most of my attacks are in atlas.

Or pvp events.

In none of those situations do I want a dragon that flies slower than normal ;-(

But if there are players that like it then all good guess they gotta mix things up.

Are you going for 100% completion? If you are sounds like you’re hitting down a lot with krelos.


I actually missed out on Krelos. I had a 2 year break and joined near the end of the season Krelos was introduced.

Unfortunately I opted to save resources for the next season so I have a low krelos.

In atlas I 100% kill bases and in pvp events I ~70% bases.