Does PG know the Dragons are Nerfed?

Just noticed this today… but seems like most Dragons (all expert Nep, Fom, Noc etc…) seem to require a lot more shots per/tower to kill. Esp. magnified on 60-63’s.

Please check code as something that Q&A testing should have caught didn’t catch. Thanks in advance for Support fixing. Towers were already strong enough and the game was previously well balanced.


More and more bases are getting better armor, which will affect how many shots a tower takes. Is this what you’re experiencing?


No it’s same bases (or towers, mostly 59-63’s) that I’ve hit for weeks straight. So I know them well. I doubt Crafted Gear increases have advanced much in the last 10-12 Hr’s.

Easiest way to confirm is to count ur shots per tower. It’s definitely higher today.


I would expect more specific information is needed for most to see what you are suggesting. Especially making sure things are consistent, same dragon, same boosts, same spell usages.

Yes, I realize a simplistic game like this does not really provide the tools for proper comparison, but some more detail can probably be provided.

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Well I’ve raised a ticket regarding this so I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing this issue.
Before update, I was comfortably taking bases which I can’t now, so something has gone wrong.
Interesting to hear PG’s thoughts on this?
Or to say whether this is intentional or another tweak to towers they never told us about.


I have noticed inconsistent damage output randomly (at least with Fohmar and Avyx).

I hit invader - all level 43 towers at least until the gold mutlipliers run out for each day. When I had Avyx and Fomhar capped at garnet waiting to hatch an emerald, both could kill any of the level 43 towers on invader with two taps when using Talon Frenzy or Autumn’s Reap (unboosted). Occasionally however, the front 2 towers of an island would require 3 taps each. It didn’t matter if I shot both towers at the same time, or focused on one then the other. There was no correlation to specific towers - it was experienced on all types. Since it was invader, it wasn’t base boosts or defense riders… just a strange inconsistency.


I’ve noticed a damage glitch from time to time…where jul should kill a whole island but one tower has a little health remaining then it takes like 8 shots to kill the remaining portion of health. Not sure if this was fixed in the latest update or not.

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Sometimes southern cross doesn’t work right and this happens. It’s been a glitch for a while. Same thing happens with Summer Purification. And usually it means you are now dead.


Are the damage amounts different or just the number of shots required?

You cannot (normally) see what armor or rider buffs or even what research the base may have added since the last time you attacked. And we are in a crafting event. I would think it at least possibly that some of these bases have been able to equip better armor. That seems more likely than any intentional nerf of only some dragons.

If the damage amounts are the same, it’s not that the dragon is weaker–the towers are stronger.

Yeah. At least with Jul you can hit flux to kill that last tower. But that is an issue with the spell (or also could be related to armor or rider skills).

I’m hitting many maxed bases, they don’t change much as they have been loaded with plenty of highly leveled Legend Gear for some time. An extra 1-3% here and there isn’t going to dramatically increase the shots to kill per tower. Esp. as my Drag’s are also slowly increasing in power as I upgrade Gear. Thus the net effect should cancel out.

Some Drag’s are definitely weaker or bases across the board have increased… it’s all occurred since the last update.

that also depend on what dragon they have on the perch. If it’s a warrior, then all affected towers had their HP increase by 15% i think or 10%.

I am not as high as you guys, but my Leos, has been struggling on based I used to wipe with no boosts. Now I stuggpe when boosted. These are XP farms so I’ve done these hundreds of times and many don’t have dragons on perches. I’ve noticed Leos is significantly weaker. Did I miss something in patch notes?

Yes, that’s the dragon I’ve noticed significant differences with, also Necryx, his spells just don’t seem as effective and he is definitely weaker than before update.

The invader Base is a great example…

Using freeze spell normally kills all 5 towers however randomly it doesn’t and there is like 5-10% health left.
Exact same dragon, same spell, same base different random damage.

There is something definitely wrong.

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I have noticed that on invader as well.

I wonder if a tower buff was added? I don’t run other player bases enough to be certain… But now that I have seen it, I’ll see if there is anything that would indicate a change.


This is definitely a thing, at least for some dragons. It has been most notable for hunters and sorcerer that used to one-shot whole groups. Can you look to see of something changed?

It is hard to say for sure if damage is less or if towers are stronger… I think the towers are stronger. Or maybe it is just perception?


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My timing is off on almost every tower, every base, even bases I have beaten frequently in the past.

That suggests to me that the towers have more HP, towers drags were one shotting before now need more, so as I posted before, something needs looking In to.

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This is crafting event in Atlas and I know I’ve been quite lucky myself and I’ve really increased my defense power in the last 24 hours.

True… But it (better gear on riders) should not have affected the Invader base, and it definitely feels like Invader is more challenging that previously. But maybe it is merely my perception. I could see that more strongly with hunters… but with sorcerers that have been one-shotting whole groups not doing that right now, maybe it is something else. Maybe towers, maybe dragons. Maybe something else. IDK.

Just seems odd that a number of people would notice very similar changes. I will say it is slight–but it’s pretty obvious when you go from killing the group of 5 with one spell to almost killing all five.

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It depends on how hungry or tired your dragon is. So,etimes they just can’t perform at their peak.

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