Does pg seem to really think about before the create

So not being back at the game for very long , meaning I’ve been back going on a month. It’s already taken them hundreds of comments to finally release a statement about how much of a problem orrey has caused. Now not much longer if you look at every forum even YouTube videos are saying that a new dragon you created is basically useless and very few if any will be buying into it. I don’t honestly feel like they are looking at the feedback from the player base. I completely understand that legendary dragons shouldn’t be as strong as mythics, however jjin is honestly a disgrace outside of the design of the character model the spell cost to spell line up just doesn’t sync up. Even with the leak they made 0 effort to listen to the player base that already had 2 open forum talking poorly about it.



Howies were a problem when they came out but now players have adapted to them.

Oreo cookies aren’t really a problem in my view. You just nuke them fast like you would a storm tower or an earth flak tower.

The speed up effect can be avoided. ( but I actually find it useful to clear the base faster )

I don’t really think anyone legitimately uses legendary dragons. (Krelos excepted)

They are just line fillers to getting a mythic.


They were?

Try to beat a base with 7 level 120+ Oreos (point is that it will be stupid hard)

Most endgame players don’t, sure.


I remember at the start people complained about Howie being too strong due to one shotting most classes.

But people quickly adapted to avoiding or mitigating the hit.

They were a bit OP for 2 weeks near the start when they shot super fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok 7 cookies might be an issue but at the moment you can only have one max cookie.

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I have exactly 5 dragon in my roster
Ikaros, xul, cal ( for rage if i screw up), krelos( invader, kreefeble), haus
So yeah the legendary dragon aren’t really in the picture
I used to use phasma but he doesn’t have enough fire power so i kinda get why people upset about legendary being shit


Design better legendary dragon will probably help people actually have more dragon to fly and help them enjoy the game more dragon like kullecid, morak were so good but it’s like 1 show up in a century


It’s not that I want an op dragon I am more than willing to understand that mythic are mythic for a reason but at the same time not all of are are capable of doing mythic early in the game and we have to rely on legendary in the meantime personally I love nebulon and I was looking forward to another invoke because I love the style of play. Even if they kept the kit as is lowered the cost of the cloak and gave the sand a larger are space say 3 turrets I could see him seeing more play would he be broken no because of lack of heal and you would still have to play around the blue mage but it would take alittle bit of effort. Instead they kinda said he’s this phenomenal looking dragon that clearly they put a ton of time drawing and designing it just to give it a crappy spell kit. It’s really disappointing. It’s not that I’m trying to bash them because I love the design of the dragon I just wish they would have put more time and thought into the kit or atleast listen to the player base more.

There are a multitude of legendaries that are more than apt at destroying bases. Recently, the legendaries have been quite decent. They have not been mediocre, nor underpowered.

The cloak labeled “Scheming”? That cloak costs no rage.

He can already hit three towers simultaneously. You just have to hit the correct spot.

They don’t really get anything said to them for them to listen to. Additionally, these are mere dragons. I feel that they can design a dragon however they desire. They are totally free to take suggestions though. The only times at which they truly had to listen to the player base were in the streams that Somnus and Galgrim were created, since players were actively participating in the design process via the Twitch chat. Otherwise, they should be able to design dragons and formulate their spell sets without consulting the player base; and should something go awry (such as balance issues, glitches/bugs, etc.), they can fix those things accordingly.


Fact is that no one can even make two 120 level Orreys.

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I use asuri who’s a legendary if it’s defended and I mess up meaning needing a second dragon

“This dragon that I’ve never even flown is certainly terrible, why don’t people who tested it for weeks listen to me???”


I was liking Nebulon untill PG decided not to follow through with the whole “always evolves to current highest tier”. And then completely brushes it under the carpet and refuses to answer questions regarding it.


Ummm actually I would argue only end game players use them… as all current top dragons are legendary… unless he was referring to seasonal legendaries then your right.

My guess is they probably do think sometimes other times no absolutely not

And the sometimes is with design, while the spells sometimes and usually no but hey I don’t think we need OP dragons after the Surt incident

“The spells may look good on paper” other times they flop like our pancakes, but their are still some very decent / great dragons anyways so I guess if I was to say yes they do think with dragons but events it’s another story . . .

It must be incredibly hard to design a dragon with a unique spellset that is balanced for all tiers. I certainly wouldn’t want the job. And i know i couldn’t do it.

But this is where i think they make it more difficult for themselves. By slowing the cadence a bit and letting the tiers have more dragons. At least they have a foundation to work from. In this case the dragons attack power. And increasing the longevity of the dragons we have.


I’m going to say this again…

PG did not do the community any favors by releasing the tower without any advance notice or preview stream. Even thought they announced a 6 month cadence for new towers, the player base rightfully shouldn’t expect timelines to be set in stone (exhibit A: Atlas season got extended 2x-3x).

I would argue that the top dragons at the moment are Xul, Ikaros, Quasar and Sora’thrim.


In strength I suppose I should clarify, but I did clarify I was referring to linage dragons when I made that statement. unfortunately this tier has no great legendaries but if there was one it would be used right now (and likely wouldn’t be in 2 months + as by then there will be stronger lineage and only end game players (for the most part) level lineage dragons)

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There were only very few good lineage legendary dragons in this game. Noc was one, Redrian (pretty demanding to fly) was another. I had hopes for both current legendary hunters, but they lack firepower as already mentioned above.
Seasonal mythics is, where some of the money for PG comes from, so they try to make them good. From what I have seen so far, both current seasonal mythics are decent. Demanding to fly (yes…the warrior as well), but reasonably strong yet not broken OP. I would be even happier, if the Speed based meta of the game would change and hunters could actually be used as setup dragon and other classes to clear a base. But I doubt, that will happen anytime soon .