Does recruitment using 500 woods really works?

I am wondering if requirements using 500 woods really says u can invite 3 active players using 500 woods

Yes, it’s the most effective method I’ve seen so far.


If you don’t have a sociopathic accountant to repeatedly kill them, what else can you do?


I usually do only personal idea if wood invite is effective.that’s why asked

it works as intended as it sends invites.

but most players who receive those will not accept it.

proper personal invites will probably have a better luck.


It really only works at lower levels for players new to the game. Maybe 50 and below.

So that’s how you got JL :face_with_monocle:


Its better to not use the random recruit button because you could end up inviting a lower level. Recruiting yourself can be a tedious task, but it’s worth it.

He was extra needy. Had to lure with food too


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Why do you discriminate against lower levels? :angry:

To OP:
For recruiting, the wood spam recruitment method doesn’t seem effective - it’s just a more productive but tedious way to get rid of lumber between forts. It depends more on what you want.

If you just need players to fill up space in gold or lower league team that’s chill so you guys can avoid getting farmed for war, then it’s an OK option. If you’re looking for someone who communicates and can hit team minimums, it’s better to send out emails with details of team reqs & perks.

I am not discriminating against lower levels. Some other officers get mad at me if someone under level 40 want to join. I am personally ok with them joining, but like I said , the fellow officers don’t like it. last time I invited someone under lvl 40 they got kicked

Kicked for being small? Wow, that’s absurd for a gold 3 team with 13 open spots unless you want to remain a gold 3 team with 13 open spots. Gold 3 is the lowest league that’s not completely inactive last I checked, and small people can be very active and grow quickly and be very helpful in events and wars.

On topic, my impression is the random wood invites respect your team level minimum, but not your language preference. I’ve never noticed it inviting lower level people at least – is this a thing you’ve seen?


It is really good for soliciting very angry hate mail, that much I know.


That’s my favorite type of mail!!! How do I do this?


It would take some work. Like ultimate heist movie type work. We’d need to convince forsci to make you an officer so you can play with the things

edit: I have faith in us though


Forsci? What does she have to do with me getting hate mail?

Wow even noob teams got to be choosy, :+1:
I rather get active low level players than high level slackers

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You need to be an officer to recruit using wood…

Ah, gotcha. I’m not on that team anymore though.