Does rejuvenate rune work with super rejuvenate spell?

Several months ago an update required runes to match the exact name of the spells dragons had. We got new runes when the spells were changed on a couple of dragons because explosive shield runes no longer worked on them. Since then I’ve come into some legendary rejuvenate runes and have been hesitant to put them on Sage since that dragon has Super Rejuvenate spell.

Does rejuvenate rune work with Sage that has Super rejuvenate spell?

No, it does not. I have it on my Sage and it’s no more than a decoration.

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As Tirial said.

Think about it like this

Does equipping explosive shield make invincibility shield last longer? Hmmm probably not since its not the same name or spell.

Does ballista resist work against lightning towers? Hmmm probably not since its not the same name or spell.

So just cause they share “resist” in the name doesn’t make it the same spell. Same with the word “rejuvenate”

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When Sage was first released, we asked if Rejuvenate related runes would work with his Super Rejuvenate. The answer was yes. But not anymore, they changed it, and it strongly nerfed Sage. Equipping those runes will strengthen the health and attack of Sage like any rune would, but not his Super Rejuvenate spell. I still have a Healing frenzy rune on him, mostly to keep his power at a decent level, but I regret having put it on him.

I am disappointed that runes and Dragons that were in the same season line and advantaging the Dragon are not working anymore…


You basically answered it yourself in the OP. Runes now must match the spell the dragon has exactly–full stop–or it is not compatible. “Super rejuvenate” ≠ “rejuvenate”; doesn’t work.

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Thank you everyone for reassurances that my reticence to equip that legendary rune was well founded. I can go forth now and burn down the world like usual.

Fyi useless runes dont make a dragon any stronger. They will raise the “AP” number, but that is just a visual representation of the dragon’s overall strength on paper. They literally do nothing to make the dragon any better when being used.

I am bumping this thread because my question is related to the subject.

I have several tough healing/healing frenzy runes or glyphs equipped on Sage before Rejuvenate-related runes became useless for him, since they have to exactly match the spell name (and not be a white spell).

Can I ask support to remove those runes and put them back into my runes inventory? The changes came from PG and the players should not have to lose valuable items that were advertised as working but soon lost their efficiency. Sage was already nerfed twice, first with white Explosive Shield which didn’t work as intended with the runes in its season rewards, leading to it being renamed Lethal Barrier and new runes were created for this spell. Then Super Rejuvenate spell (blue) wasn’t improved by runes anymore.

I can wait until the ongoing support helpdesk migration is over and things calmed down, that’s not a problem. I am not asking for new Super Rejuvenate runes, I know that it would take weeks of hard work and I refuse to ask that. I’d just like the ones I have on my Sage removed to be used elsewhere. If needed I can try to look for the posts mentioning that Rejuvenate runes would work on Sage’s Super Rejuvenate, then stopped working because of a change in how runes worked.

If it was an error on my behalf (like adding a resist rune to a dragon not owning this spell) I would not ask for a service, but it was confirmed by an official employee that those runes would work on Sage. And you can’t equip consumable Rejuvenate to Sage, so the runes are completely useless.

@PGPulse Do you think my request would be accepted, and if not can you please give me the reason why? Thank you in advance.

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