Does the PVP island dodging still work in Gauntlet?

I was just wondering if the strategy where you dodge pvp islands that you’re losing by killing your foremost pve island still works in the gauntlet event 0-0


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You know, like how if you killed the current pve island in gauntlet while a pvp island was up it would end the pvp island battle.

I distinctly remember it because we used it once to stop an enemy from killing our island, this was like before megas were a thing tho.

What the bug?! :bug:

I think it was because the game used to (doesn’t it still?) put teams with other teams on the same pve island together for pvp, so if either team killed the pve it would reset the pvp island.

Actually, if you think about it, the pvp islands don’t spawn until youre done the pve islands right? so it would kinda make sense this bug might still be in the game?

That must have been a really old bug Bc I do not recall ever hearing about that. Are you sure a really big spender didn’t just defeat the island while you were busy attacking the pve?

so the first time I found out about it was because an enemy used it against us, no message saying that either team had been defeated popped up, so we all thought it was a bug until one of our teammates killed a pve island while we were doing the pvp fight and it ended the island without a message again.

This was low gold, and that team didn’t have any big spenders, this was when the bonus meter was still a thing too, so it couldn’t have gotten wiped in an instant.

Guess someone need to test it. Perhaps telling the entire team to leave ONE island to be “one hit death” state, and do it when PvP appears.

:flushed: Must be a really old bug. Haven’t remembered Bonus Meter on event other than now retired KotH.

I guess so 0-0

You cracked me up, I had the same reaction!

I had no idea this bug existed, if that’s indeed a bug and not a very organized wave of attacks.

There’s often a message saying “PvP island has appeared” though, still ingame AFAIK, at the very beginning of the event but when I check there’s no island :man_shrugging:


I’ve been around since before the first run of gauntlet and never heard of this. Pvp starts before all islands are cleared but many teams choose not to hit pvp island until all islands are cleared due to the point multiplier and the low vp gain early on. Matchups seem to be determined by event ranking within the league so that would also mostly result in teams on the same island being matched together

If this bug exists and is reliably reproducible I would think that this would happen all the time at the beginning of gauntlet when many teams focus on pve? Seems like someone would notice damage from rogue hitters disappearing

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