Does this already exist somewhere?

I’m dying for some more creative things to do with this game… that are also fun to help myself and my team!

We would like to hold a flying contest, however, it’s hard asking someone to allow a team-full of people to hit their base as we don’t want to jeopardize their rss or annoy them with constant banners.

It would be nice if PG had certain bases like the Blackbloods (that would actually be competitively modeled) within the game for each given breeding tier so players (new and old) could practice their flying skills. I searched the xp team but most of them are for easy egg missions and not fully-maxed, challenging bases.

I understand there’s assault but that only comes around but so often… does anyone know of any really solid bases of players that have retired? Or, is there some version of this out there I’m unaware of? Any suggestions are much appreciated! :blue_heart:


Hi Dungeon is a dragon skilled event and it’s pretty fun and you can play it with your own Ally and in the meantime grab some nice prizes. Usually is held during breeding.
Otherwise you have Assault where you’re alone and your skill are compared to others. :grin:

That sounds like something that would have to be arranged ahead of time with the person in question. Any end game bases that I have found of “retired” players (ie not on a team) go inactive after a week. Meaning you’d have to find a new one every time you wanted to run the team challenge.

Though I wouldn’t mind a pve base that could be a challenge to beat, fully geared and all, if was actually kept updated. This I highly doubt though.

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Yeah, I know-- we do both of those events. But, again, they’re rolled out when PG chooses. We get bored in between those times. Lol but thank you for replying.

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Oh man! Only after a week? That sucks! Thanks for the insight, Zami!

Try on lower leagues. You might find low activity end players

Do wars lel

Something like this?

I thought they did these before assault too, using an agreed-upon base, but I could be remembering wrong. :sweat_smile:

Feel free to look me up in game and use my base if you want. It won’t bother me for people to use my base for practice. I have moved away from my old s1/d2 team for a more relaxed gameplay due to burnout. I am on team WeLive4War. Same ign as here.


Yes, very similar to that. Only can’t use the assault/dungeons bases cause they only come around but so often.

We have an entire rubric of things we’d like to test so a sort of non-player base would be nice as to not annoy a player or detract from someone’s gameplay/rss.

Thanks so much! I may be in touch in the future! :hugs::blue_heart:

Dungeons is fun, but only once per season, isn’t it? Would love to see more mini events like it that involve skill and teamwork.

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Why not try XPfarmsLooseX1

It’s a full team that don’t mind you hitting them.

I already mentioned that. But thanks.

No problem. Happy to assist and help out others. Without the great people I’ve met in this game I would have quit and gone away for good.


Totally agree with you :grin: