Does War Dragons run on Android Pie 9 and MIUI 10

Does War Dragons run effectively on Android Pie 9? Because I had just updated my Redmi Y2 to it two days back and since then War Dragons has stopped working. I have reinstalled and uninstalled the game 13 times.
PG has not yet replied to my emails.
Just don’t know if it is an OS error or due to bugs.
One of my wd friends told me that the game requires the individual to not update their iOS to 13 in order to still play.
So pls suggest if it is indeed an OS problem.

I have Android 9, but Samsung provided (is not stock Android). It works fine

is that crashing or not even loading ?

It’s not loading. Let me send u the video

Ok can’t as videos are not allowed to be uploaded

You have to upload to youtube or other online service and put the url here.

Here it is, the recording

Did you solve the problem? I have the same case. Android 9 and a motoz2 play.

The last ticket i submitted the pg rep seemed like he wanted to help and listend instead of blaming connection or device. He said he would pass it up to the devs. Android knows 9 pie doesnt work woth some apps. Its the apps that cant support pie not android. Its up to devs to make their games work on all os. The gacr that pg has ignored this os ridiculous bit hopedully they listen now that its gettong passed up the chain. Or at least o hope it is.

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How about Android 10? Does this game “work” on Android 10?

Edited to put “work” in quotations to represent my relatively low bar of expectations for “work”

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I’m running the game on both Android 9 and Android 10. It works well enough to play but poorly enough that i have many minutes of life in loading screens to reconsider my life decisions.

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