Does wiki allow create table?


I’m updating our team wiki and want to create a table but I don’t know how to create it.

I’ve googled ‘markdown syntax’ and tried some but it doesn’t work.

Anyone can help me?



Do you mean this?

This is how we created tables in some of our posts here.

In this example I’m going to replace all | with [ so it doesn’t turn into a table.

[ Col A [ Col B [ Col C [
[ — [ — [ — [
[ text a [ text b [ text c [

That’d get you:

Col A Col B Col C
text a text b text c


I think the OP means in the in game wiki, which no you cannot make a table in.

Team Wiki Set-Up

I have added a table in our team wiki.
I used excel online to share a spreadsheet, then pasted the sharing link into the wiki. It took a while to get the sizing right, but it works.
Once it’s in there, you can make any edits in excel which is much easier.


Interesting! Would you care to show what it looks like? It’s been a while since I’ve used the in game wiki (since we transitioned to a website) but I’m curious.


I’ll post something later when I get time.


Screenshot added


thats pretty amazing - huge respect for that.

Would you mind posting a step by step how you did it?


Thank you EarlgrayT,

That’s what I need.


The spreadsheet itself is just built in excel. Nothing too complicated, just a few formulae.
Then I added to the public folder of my OneDrive and used excelonline to create a shareable link.
The link actually worked just posting it directly to a wiki page but then I had to do a fair bit of fiddling with sizing etc both in the wiki and excel.
The good thing is I can modify the sheet directly on my pc now without having to re-share.

I’ll see if I can post the markup so you can just add directly to a wiki.


<iframe width="360" height="130" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="'Sheet1'!A2&wdHideGridlines=True&wdHideHeaders=True&wdDownloadButton=False"></iframe>


That should do it. Just copy/paste all of that into the wiki.
I added basic instructions to mine but for clarity, I’ve just posted the actual link that you need.


Not working for me, and I even removed the link counter and replaced the () with <>


Amazing. It works for me. I’ve used Google instead of OneDrive. It took a while to show sheet after saving.


You could try just building a new wiki page and adding the link part.
It’s probably formatting that’s throwing it out.


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