DominusOminus is Calling for a Positive Change to Atlas

Greetings, Dragons Lords, friends and enemies. Today, the four teams of DominusOminus are taking a stand for positive change in Atlas.

We have read the forums for years, and we have seen the community’s heartfelt feedback about Atlas politics. The constant refrain has always been that mega-alliances are the great evil of Atlas that no one could stand against. At this dark hour, four champions arrive to face the future without fear.

With Dreadnought retiring, a new spring has been born from the smouldering ashes of the billions of troops fallen in battle. A world in which hundreds of smaller teams will not be called upon to defend castles in fights they cannot hope to win. A world where 5TA will battle 5TA. The trumpets are singing, and the battle drums are beating a low, ominous rhythm.

The stale smells of the battlefields of old have dissipated. A new war is upon us all. To all our friends and foes, we welcome you to join us in the new battle of the Aftermath.

Our Statement:

War Dragons has never seen a team like DREADNOUGHT. It will never see one again.

When KingDread made the decision to give up his throne, he asked us, as his closest allies, what we wished to do with the Dreadnought Alliance, and by extension, all of Atlas.

We choose to give up its power. We choose to free you all.

For ourselves, we need no more castles. We need no more shards. We need no more power. We need nothing, except that this game remains fun enough to keep players playing. We choose this course today not because it is easy, but because it is hard: because that is where the greatest challenge lies, and so that is where the code of Dominus demands we go.

Others have tried to fight against mega-alliances in the past, but all have succumbed to necessity and themselves become mega-alliances. Who could blame them? They knew there was always one 5TA they could never fight in equal numbers with hope of victory.

We are harbouring no such fears.

To all our friends and allies, we are honoured to have fought beside you for so long. We take this step as our last and fullest expression of our regard for you, in the faith that you will enjoy your freedom and stand proud on your own merits. We wish you glory and conquest in the new era, in which none will be able to challenge your worthiness.

To all our foes, we salute you. You have fought and displayed tenacity against long odds, more than anyone could ask of you. We hope the new era brings you the balance you have longed for, and that Atlas will have a new birth.

We know others have had less time to plan their response than ourselves. In deference to our time together, we offer a grace period during which we will defend the Dreadnought alliance’s members against aggression, as we have always done.This grace period ends on Monday July 19th after PvP Shields drop.

We know that however strong we are, ultimately we are only players. We cannot change human nature, nor this game’s rules. We cannot stop others from keeping their broad alliances. We can only ask that you act as we will, one 5TA against one 5TA.

We also know that broad alliances formed for a reason: because the strong preyed unchecked upon the weak. We cannot stop others from trying to do this. We can only ask that the strong fight the strong.

We ask you all, for the sake of this game we all love, to join us in being better than our common past. We ask you to fight your equals, in equal numbers. We hope that most will heed our words and take this time as their moment to stand independent and unafraid at the dawn of a new age.

We know that there are those who will not agree. We hope to appeal to your better natures. Those we cannot convince with good intentions and words, we may convince with dragons and primarchs.

To the rest, the future of Atlas belongs to all of you now. We hope this act brings you a war game in which you may boldly make war. We hope to see you all in the battles of the Aftermath – most on battlefields far from us, until you are ready to face us on ours. We hope you join us in choosing to play a game in which you stand a chance to win, and a chance to lose, because those are the only games worth playing.

In unanimous agreement,
TheEmpire - DragonsCreed - JAPANeeeeZE - ANGELSnDEM0NS


-Calling for Positive Change in Atlas
-No longer involved in Mega alliances
-5 TA vs 5TA Format Preferred, Fight who you want as you want.

  • We still have FRIENDS, but we are not ALLIES.
  • We cannot stop people from doing as they please, giving our position on change needed
  • Make War! win or lose have fun enjoy the game. (Hope is to add competition and not just glory swap the whole season)

-Grace period until Monday July 19th 2021 9 PM EST (End of PvP)


Now this is a good move , I salute you all with respect :raised_hands: and I hope you keep your word


Man This is a great change, yall the 4ta just Got my full respect :ok_hand:t4:


You said yourself that you can’t stop people from choosing to remain in mega alliances. That being said, I salute you, and hope that the mega alliances fall apart and bring atlas to fair fights between equals.


Seeing is believing. So does this mean you will have no one on your passage?

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They can have me :smiling_imp::ghost:

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Empty words. Everyone knows who your mega alliance is and will always be; they’re all those teams sitting on super safe castles that you gifted them that will never change hands again.

I’m sure you’ll have fun hitting whoever you want and that’s great! But as far as it being a positive change to atlas, too little too late.


Does this mean dominus will not be using any other teams passage list as well?


Thank you. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new chapter in atlas.


Very generous action. Almost like the day in a president period.




Good change, and good luck! Respect.

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Dominous 4ta with the rest of atlas?
Respects to y’all for this change.
But this is something PG should do.
Make it official, no more free maps and castles, only 5ta vs 5ta fights of the same power ranking.

Mega alliances were intially formed because of bigger teams bullying smaller ones and they needed bigger allies to help them.

In turn, 30 teams of the mega alliances came to help punishing the attackers in everyway

Alot of 550-600 sandbaggers in low apr teams hitting smaller teams of their same apr, which have no 500 to beat these bigger hitters

It would be nice, if they made enfeeble limitless without any cool down.
But enfeeble wouldn’t reduce the tower levels drastically, it would reduce the enemy’s base to tower levels that match the tower levels of the biggest base in the defending team

But even this would not be a complete solution
I also don’t know how it can be exploited.


Full respect to you TA for deciding to do this

I look forward to seeing how things play out


So why do we keep seeing AnD players on castles belonging to teams ranked over 200+ power rank? (No not hitting to get behind them, actually hitting them and then leaving)

Or when I go hit another team ranked relatively close to my own teams rank I end up fighting 5-6 Diamond level Dread affiliated teams because they show to defend…

If you’re gunna say all this you out to follow it too…

Just saying.


but he answared: thy will keep defendind till july 19.


I want you…
on passage…or did that make things weird

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I’ll believe it when I see it.

But I guess I don’t blame them, they’ve taken all the castles they need and are safe from any real big hits anymore so why not try and make it fair now. I’d do the same thing if I was situated the way they are.


I don’t think 5ta vs 5ta will solve mega-alliences by itself.

The reason! We still have our luxurious bots and we still have Line. We can still plan out for 1 5ta to attack 5ta A team, while we use another 5ta to attack 5ta B team. Or even the other option, once 1 5ta vs 5ta is finished, we could swap in another 5ta team to attack the 5ta that just finished, our new group fully ready and attacking the now exhausted 5ta that just finished, ensuring a stacked victory.

If you can find a way to prevent these outcomes, I’d be all ears. :slightly_smiling_face: