Don’t bother playing the harbinger guardian with ice turrets

The HP of those ice turrets are beyond those who have moved to higher tiers. I used to be able to clear them with spells, swap riders and use of dragons with different strength that complement one another. But this is going nowhere since I have progressed and removed runes for my empyrean and now harbinger is too weak for those towers.

I’m not going to waste energy or swap in riders or plug in new runes just for the challenge and this is ridiculous. PG should do some adjustment as this cannot be a one size fit all centre guardians. By the way why not set all the HP of the ice turrets to be infinite and that will definitely be serving the challenge and a money drain for energy and other resources? Can’t think of a better sarcasm

Those Ice Turrets only have 5x HP of original ice turrets. Still beatable.

Afterall, you only need 70% to beat it…


Perhaps this will help…

:smirk: At least we know who is the unreasonable one…


Fomhar having ice turret resist is a great clear for this base. Think I followed with Axi.


It’s a bit harder but not that much. Dragon like fomhar should be able to clear it easily.
I use narlyth and ronin to deal with the ice turret temple

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In case you are not aware I have cleared and got all portraits before. Just that for now there is no point trying to do all these again and the reward is not fantastic. I’m just waiting for some who cleared to come and show off how they cleared it and trying to sound as if I complained because I can’t clear it. Fact is the event will be better if they can cater more specifically to different individual and that not very tough to program given they can find out which is our end tier.

Sarcasm for those who can’t get it will take its literal meaning and claim that I’m being unreasonable lol. Yah.

So… you don’t think the hp is too high?? I’m really not picking up what you are putting down.

And on the chance this is serious I strongly disagree. I like the challenge of tough flights and this one isn’t that bad. It is definitely beatable. Let’s not nerf something that’s moderately hard.

Cater to who? And how? And are you asking to cater to people who are catered to every event rather than leaving some moderate challenge for those that want it


lol… really hahahaha. Goodbye to forums. No wonder so many people said don’t bother here since people don’t read what we say properly and they are all out to show off how good they are at the expense of others. I won’t be bothered to explain further as I have said clearly and I won’t bother coming back here to read and you can reply whatever you want to satisfy your own ego.

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Yeah for clueless ranting about non problems I recommend LC instead.

Harbinger guards are fine, they’re beatable by pretty much anyone of high enough level to have the dragons for it.


I didnt have any issue beating them with Gunnar and Ive just got rares and epic runes on him and some legendary gear

That’s exactly what you did. The bases are designed to be tough but they’re not that tough. If you’re a skilled enough flyer you can even do it with lineage harb legendaries

No, you’re just whining and babbling. But ok, so long random person Ive never met. Ill try to remember you fondly, whomever you are :+1:. Im sorry that your own ego is so delicate and that you have been so greatly damaged by these mean, cruel harbinger ice turrets.

Ill pour some ice cubes out of a Dixie cup in honor of you


I was legit asking you to clarify what you said. It WASNT clear. You said you were sarcastic later too so I genuinely am not sure what you are complaining about.

I asked clarifying questions and gave my views on one side of it.

Genuinely. Are you saying they are too strong or were you being sarcastic? And who are they catering to or should they be catering to and why? You have not explained this. Or is your issue something else?

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Thread summary:

OP: this is too hard

Response: no it’s not.

OP: I never said it’s too hard. I was just waiting for someone to post how they cleared it.

Response: so it’s not too hard?

OP: I was f’ing clear. Can’t you read?


:100: he’s perfect :ok_hand:

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It’s pretty difficult if you’re an idiot and level all your divines to vanguard, actually. But it’s not impossible. Just plonk your Narlyth’s gear on Estril, doesn’t need to be maxed, as long as it has adaptive, it can survive the base. Keth at breedable is fine. Lokan with adaptive unlocked is fine too.

Estril + gear and rider + summon warrior equip -> clear all blues, red and ice flaks at back-of-island positions when possible.
Keth + death gaze equip/ summon, depending on if you’ve cleared mages on 4/5 -> clear reds, death gaze(from red mage) random ice turrets when you can
Lokan + death gaze/battle cry/havok -> clean as much as you can until you hit 70%

Hard, but it was done for me in three tries. Will definitely try to max Estril and Lokan before next event, and dump Keth into a smelly ditch when I can. :rofl:

I remember when I first saw those mega cannons firing like crazy I’m like holy shit but just whack on a resist and a bit of strategy and :+1:

… Reverse projectiles is better :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t remember lol it was only one event I had trouble I think I must have just got to Harb. That ice turret one is the hardest tho for sure


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The more relevant question is why you’re not green.

Back on topic.


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Also, I prefer dancing with Sakura.

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Not levelling Sakura past harb? :eyes: