Don’t play or spend

If you are thinking about downloading this game. Do yourself a favor and don’t. They have the worst support staff I’ve ever come across. They regularly take dragons people have paid for and nerf them to the point of making free dragons better.The overall game is a buggy mess. Recently I’ve encountered gold transport bugs. Typical response from support is a “ We have no record of that” . The game can be fun ( when it works) and the people playing are great. But PG is a joke of a company and should be embarrassed how they treat paying customers.


You do realize you posted this in a player-centric forum for the game you’re railling against, and that everyone reading this likely already plays… right?


Im no expert but im pretty sure most people reading this have already downloaded the game…


and is owned by PG :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well i would say you should start this with an uninstall ! :smiley:

maybe you can explain this

and the other stuff because without any details, it’s hard to know what’s the issue is.

I am sorry that you have had a negative experience with support. I’d be more than happy to look into a ticket issue if you have had a recent one.


See! Arelyna is an amazing lady :heart:
She should come chat with us more though.


I am in no way calling it 5 star support, but you haven’t been around much if you think this is the worst. It’s far from it. It’s one of the best I’ve seen for moble freemium games. It’s a far distant from say Halo or CoD (XBL/PSN/Steam) but it’s a completely different market and type of game. (Or was before destiny and Star Wars)

This isn’t really true and the game is better for it. It’s like complaining about eminent domain used to kick someone out of their home to build a road or public transit. It’s worth it but some people come off losers.

But overall you are wrong here. Sorry you haven’t had a favorable experience.

Sadly on par with other mobile freemium games. We as consumers need to demand better quality or it will continue. Companies who provide higher quality make less money because spenders don’t really stop spending until it gets much much worse than how WD is.

Not at all. Their business practices are not ones I’d choose, but as I explained, spenders care more about being pampered than they do about ironing out Your issues. The company suffers when it spends resources on higher quality. They do the best with what they have and they actually listen to their customers. (Often times I wish they wouldn’t because customers often want things without understanding the larger impacts)


This game is free and fun to play.

If someone think that something in this game is not worth spending money, then don’t spend for it.

While it’s true that spending money can hasten our growth in this game, many contents from this game can be obtained without spending at all.

Regardless how much we’ve spent for this game, do not ever forget the essence of a game.
A game should make the one played it having fun.


You would do better to leave a review on the appropriate app store, if this is truly how you feel.

Anyone who can read this post already has an account.


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Bless your heart. Presh.

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I beg to differ:

  • PG’s support (Zendesk, is it? The one Wish uses, too?) is not the worst. I have opened more than a dozen a tickets, sent them suggestions, asked them questions or reported issues, and they responded every single time. Sooner or later every single one of them could be closed - but all cases solved.
  • I’ve been playing since 13 Sep 2017, yet I haven’t seen anything taken back the way you described. Not everything goes as planned (shhh! it happens) and all of us has stepped in dog poop at least once. Deal with it!
  • The typical response is “The team is aware…”. I got it 9 out of 10 times. Common issues. They don’t pretend to be surprised / oblivious and suggest they’re working on it.

As you have been advised this opinion of yours should have been posted elsewhere if it’s genuine and not just a childish outburst - as the audience you seek is not present here. I have no idea what made you so upset, and without any specific details nobody would give you any credit (I certainly don’t)

Nobody’s pointing a gun at you and forcing you to keep playing, you are free to uninstall and move on. I wish you find the game or activity your heart truly desires.

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I do not agree with the service, okay it can be a little slow sometimes and some generic responses, but overall I have seen a massive improvement from when I used to play in 2015, I do however agree with the bugs, I am currently dealing with support regarding some bugs of my own, I have icons that disappear constantly, weird glitchy lines over icons, tower health during attacks, my dragons health show total black bar for health, the last does go on and I have recorded the majority of it, tries force closing and it temporarily solves it until 30mins to 1hr later and it’s back to some glitch, tried uninstalling ext and again same issue, then we looked at my phone’s performance, which I ruled out straight away as I have a Snapdragon 835 and 8GB of RAM and don’t run lots.of background apps, hopefully have a solution soon


4.0, coming out on the 31st is supposed to help with Android, so we’ll have to wait and see :crossed_fingers:


Then that’s why- they don’t make a big mistake every other day but every so often it happens (er, has happened).
Here’s an example of what I believe the OP is referring to from the old forum with the Summer season fiasco that you must’ve had the pleasure of missing out on.

Yes, but on the other side of the spectrum… PG is a company. War Dragons is their product. Things should be properly tested before going out to ANY players device. Such is the job of the employees, so it’s reasonable to expect that the mistakes made will be minimal, if at all.

And cash is king and it hasn’t stopped flowing in a way that signals the consumer demands better quality.

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