Don’t take advantage of us

I love playing a game but I think with tournaments like this you keep going up and up and on Rubys not everydy that plays the game can afford to high prices that you keep jacking it up to you should be a limit I wish she would look into this and let me know what you think about this I know you want to make money Don’t take advantage of

Oh, dear, please use punctuation, it’s terrible to read.

And you should stop whining. Rather ask for advice on how you can perform better in events like this. There are so many lovely fellows who can help you.

Take me as an example: I am an elite f2p, so £4.59/month is my spending. Lv 65 in a Plat IV team - so almost everyone around me is higher level. Yet I manage to finish in top 10 within team simply by grinding and grinding and grinding a little more. Organized spending of resources can help a lot, and if you know how the different components work.

If you have a specific question, just ask, otherwise there are so many different helpful threads here >>> use the search bar, check out the Strategy & Guides section

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The problem is that PG has not yet firmly established this game a true free to play (with slight advancement through IAP) or an actual fee based game. I can’t find any other game, even from more well established mobile gaming companies, that fall in this “grey” area. I think that is what the OP is trying to reflect upon.

Neither the game, nor the company is “one of a dozen”. I think that is good

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