Donate remainder of sigils to teammate on last day

Would be nice to have the option of donating scrap sigils to teammate that is close to finishing a prize. I took a survey and we are all on board!

Please, no. Will be prone to abuse…
Sigil is also sold directly, so it can’t, I guess


I agree people will exploit that

People would donate cheated sigils to someone

game detects a player has this amount of sigils obtained from a cheater.

Player already used the sigil and obtained the items and then used the items to advance.
Game rollbacks the player to before that
Player will ask for compensation because he did not know it was cheated (even though he might have received 50000 sigils and used it because yeah, it’s normal to donate that amount)

That’s how it will go I think

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As mentioned before, the trading function can’t be implemented into the game due to security and exploit issues. Please checkout the thread posted below on the topic.

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Note: this is the thread that I could find that’s the closet to what the OP was talking about

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