Done - can be locked :)

LFT - 93 forSciPi - Atlas temp spacefiller
Highest Lineage Dragon: Vulcan/Kelvin
About: gelato

My neglected alt has a week of free Atlas elite ticking down, so I figured that it’d make sense to put it on a team with Atlas that needs a spacefiller in the meantime :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s on an older device, so wouldn’t be in-game much, but I’d be happy to join LINE.


Man I wish we had room. Would love to have you on the team, even for a week. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could stay longer too, but I don’t run it actively anymore, so I’d feel bad not doing much during PvP :rofl:

I would also feel bad about that. We’re in plat 1 now. PvP iS hArD. l0l

If you ever need a place to house it hit me up. We usually have an alt on the team somewhere.

I could always send Nugget over to run it… :eyes: His tablet died, and he’s been sad :cry: