Done competing in pvp events because of mega attacks

This entire event my team has fought hard to take territory. As soon as we take a hex someone uses a single mega attack and takes it back. This is pointless. From now on I’m telling my team to just focus on individual point rewards during pvp events. There’s no such thing as competition when an event is spend to win.


Yep, this event is particularly frustrating on that front. Gold territory is 3k a tile, mega does over 3k so you can have several people online attacking and all your efforts are erased by 1 person in a single run :roll_eyes:


It is therefore called MegaCoin Wars :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

Yeah, our league is being totally dominated by one team. They’ve freely admitted that spending is a major skill. Don’t have a problem with making money, but games are supposed to be fun as well.

I think we ended up in our own little hex at the end of the event … but that’s OK … we got points and rewards :slight_smile:

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