Donivalis.......Gold legendary

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season dragon, like gunar…need gold legendary dragon when lv up 4 to 5.

i breeded donivails (gold legendary) but i cant lv up gunar to lv5.

why dont belong donivalis to gold legendary?

Because Donivallis is not an evolving divine. He will be gold when he hatches and he will stay gold when he is expert. I take it you have gold lineage dragons?

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I suspect because Donivalis is a divine, and not a regular line dragon. Also makes me wonder how on earth you managed to breed a special event dragon from years ago and yet you still don’t have regular gold legendaries… :joy:

Edit: I forgot, I think they re-opened those old dragons for breeding last event. I really recommend you get yourself a breeding parh like Red’s to avoid dead-end dragons like Doni.


What Morreion said is your answer, you need regular gold legendary to evolve divine that can evolve + Doni isn’t a regular legenday :man_shrugging:t2: