Dont get points in event

I dont get any points in event, everything work normal els
Anyone els have that problem?

We have one player on our team with the same problem

We have 2 players that are ineligible. 1 has been on team for 3 weeks. Other player, 1 year. No response from help desk yet

1173325 is my request number

@PGJared @PGCrisis @Arelyna Hi this guy is a member of my team and has been on this team for as months! For the whole event he is unable to get points or access team quests! It says he’s inelligle for rewards! He never left the team. This is getting ridiculous as he says he’s sent multiple tickets since Wednesday and still no reply! Can we get some clarification for why this has happened? He’s a very active member of our team and we have lost many points because of this… Not mentioning his personal achievement prizes lost!

i had this problem last pvp event

If another member of your team contributed before you, then you would then become the 51st member of the team and therefore ineligible. This includes members who have been on the team during previous events.

well that’s ridiculous, so in essence you’re not going to do anything about this issue? So, he has to sit out the entire event… I’m struggling to find the logic for this… I suppose you could have people join before start of event get lots of points then leave… which could be considered cheating I guess… but, really? He has to forfeit all sigils and prizes because someone in our team left and he woke up a little late so he wasn’t on for start of event.



Unfortunately, that is all the information I have regarding this particular issue.

Thats right i agree its bullshit already…

My apologies, but that explanation is 100% wrong :sweat_smile:

I remember that Trymsi was on ‘ineligible’ in the treasure hunt phase for some strange reason, when nobody was able to get points yet. So there’s no way that he was ‘the 51th’ person to contribute.
Especially because we have a member that was unable to get on and is still on 0 points :joy:

So you say I don’t get anything in this event? I have been on this team from the start 1.5 year ago and spend a lot on it, so the hole team get punished for this issue I have? What policy is that?

@PGJared @PGCrisis @Arelyna the explanation you gave is wrong, as we have people elligibile for event and yet have 0 points in event… further as Teebro stated earlier he wasn’t even eligible during treasure hunt stage… Trymsi has been on the team for over a year and hasn’t left… Hence what is going on

We’ve had 1 person leave @Stigo2929 who left after treasure hunt phase and @FOXYgreeneyes joined after Stigo left…yet only @Trymsi hasn’t been elligble since treasure hunting stage began… He also ticketed this… I hope this provides further clarification for you that the “51 reason” provided doesn’t match the situation. Thank you… @PGJared @PGCrisis @Arelyna

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This is the +1, probably…

she’s illegible. as she joined after event had started, yet @trymsi wasn’t even able to join in treasurehunt. So Before anyone left… He wasn’t able to do treasurehunt and team quests etc he was inelligble… hence why the +1 reason is redundant because before anyone left he was still ineligible

Not saying it’s relevant to this situation but I guess the “51st person” thing is in place to stop people cycling players in pvp events and therefore getting additional attackers and an advantage in the events.

Bit frustrating if you have only had 1 person leave and your ineligible member was already in the team though :confused:

Yeah, I agree with the +1 thing and the cycling issue i think that’s important… What I think is interesting is that even before anyone left he was Ineligible lol

The only solution right now is not accepting any player, even during hunts, at all.

Still, I don’t disagree that it’s disappointing…