Don't waste Reasearch eggs on suffocating flames

I researched suffocating flames thinking every time I swipe is have a 2 % chance of stunning towers with sorcerers but that’s not the case every time you attack a base you have 2% chance of that happening so in other words you will never get to see that happen maybe once a month if your lucky I reasearced it almost 2 months ago I’ve seen activate once it seems like a waste of research and it suck u need it to continue on the dragons boost branch of Reasearch


I see it happen regularly when I attack with my Kinnarus, it’s unexpected but not rare. I don’t think it’s a waste of research eggs if you like using sorcerers, but to each their opinion.

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That’s cool you actually get to see it happen since I researched it I’ve only seen it once my top two dragons are sorcers I use them daily still never really happens for me idk why

I have been flying Renard on my main, and most attacks it doesn’t happen but occasionally it does happen and it will stun 1 tower every swipe during that run. It seems to me that it might be 2% of the runs it works in, and in that 1 run it stuns like crazy.

Who knows, the research has been so buggy over the years. Like the one that gave cannons a 100% boost instead of 10%. OOPS.

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