Double and triple spot of death gaze

Friends Can I know the double and triple spots of DG ?

Search Hauheset 101 and you will get some fair idea about what are you looking for.


It’s missing a few spots… but definitely a good starting place :+1:t3:

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:rofl: you won’t let this go ever would you? :wink:

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It’s at the tip of your fingers, some other body parts work but not all.

I’m not wrong :man_shrugging:t3:


:rofl: technically you’re both right! Hahahaha (yes I’m Switzerland in this scenario)

Edit: who flagged ya?

Take a guess?

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Twas i, FLAG GUY. Im going for my flag badge. I even flag my own to throw off any meddling kids with their k9 companion.

Edit. I actually got a badge.

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Badge Hunter! :joy:


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