Double chest drop? Really

This double chest drop is ridiculous we are getting the same amount as before just in 2 drops instead of 4 come pg u can do better than that trying to make us think u giving us extra when really ur not!!

Glad I’m not the only one noticing … I’ll go 5-6 runs with out a single then get 2 drops one run , back to not getting for 2-3 runs … smooth

Same here PG screwing us again.

I was so exited yesterday with x2 and farmed like crazy and only 1-2 drop and its the same now

Edit: good to se other noticed that to i was about to post it yesteday if iam having incredibly bad luck or not

Nope they have said double drops but ur getting the same amount as u would if was running with out double drops and that when u actually get them

I’ve checked with our team and confirmed that there’s no issue that’s affecting the drop rate of chests at this time. However, it would still be a game of chance for getting one. Kindly note that there’s no guarantee that players will always get chests to drop from attack runs, since there are other items that can drop when destroying monuments and these aren’t 100% drop rewards. To increase your chances of getting Chests to drop, we strongly recommend attacking players that are a higher level than you.

I hope this helped in clarifying your concern. If you have other concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. Take care!

I want to say there is nothing wrong with the drops… that being said I am getting horrible drops on invader bases…
on regular game bases I am getting 4-8 chests per base on average. In a 2 hour window I managed to farm 200+ chests while working. Try hitting bases around your level or slight higher.


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