Double egg tokens bonus? Ticket ID: #1096813

Hi all!

4 days ago I bought the double egg token bonus from the season…

Previous season i bought it during a breeding event. So I couldn’t see the tokens pay out seeing doubled but realized after the breeding event, that It didn’t change back to the normal values.

This season it’s taking too long. 4 days have passed. Multipliers for my dragon have been reset 4 times. Per day I usually do the first mission about 13 times and the second mission about 3 to 4 times a day… I’ve missed a lot of extra tokens in these 4 days I would’ve got if the bonus would be activated instantly.

I’ve tried to log out my pocket id and log back in.
Also have I tried to clear the cache and also the game-data.
Finally I tried to completely delete the game and reinstall it. And also a soft-reset between deleting and installing the game.
Nothing works for me. I have contacted PG on email 2 days ago but it looks like they won’t help me. I haven’t even got a confirmation they received my message and are working on this.

The point is, I bought the double egg token bonus and waited for 4 days but it’s still not active.

Do you guys have any idea what I could try out or maybe I’m missing some crucial point here?

Thanx all ^^

— Update —

I contacted PG by mail and submitted a ticket (#1096813) yesterday. Today I got a response from them. They say it’s a known issue and they can’t offer an “instant solution”. Currently they are working on it… guess there’s nothing I can do but wait…

— Update 17 April 2018 —

Breeding event just ended… And during this event I had the double tokens like everyone else get every breeding event… Now the event is over… so is the bonus… I’m back to getting the normal + elite account bonus… I’ve asked if they could refund my sigils I spent on this line. Let’s see what will happen.

People keep telling me that PG has fixed this issue for them, and even gave them a compensation for the problems they had. How come it is impossible to fix it for me as a lot of others who have the same problem?

— Update 18 April 2018 —

Today I have received an email from Support again. This time the told me that the issue got fixed, and they transferred 4000 tokens to my account as a compensation. In order to make this work, I had to force restart the game. As told, I closed the game forced it to shut down en started the game again…

It works!! Finally got the double egg token bonus and also did I received the 4K tokens!

CASE CLOSED! Problem Solved! ^^

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What email did u use? Put in a ticket. Gear icon–> help button --> contact us

Happened to a bunch of people this season. They fixed mine within a couple hours after putting in the ticket.

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Have you screenshotted the mission payouts and the claimed egg token bonus and filed a support ticket?

When I try to go to settings > “help”, my phone opens up a page that can’t be shown. Don’t know why. But what I have tried is to search for war dragons contact on Google. This way I could send an email to PG. And this is what I have done. The help button in game doesn’t work for me somehow. I’m from Holland so don’t know if this has anything to do with it… maybe like certain restriction in specific countries or something xD. I’ll try again and see what I can do.

I haven’t made a screenshot of it but I’m certainly gonna do that. I don’t have anything to prove them it’s allready 4 days ago I completed the line so that’s my own fault… I’m gonna make a ss. Thanx for advice.

Thank you! I’m gonna send a ticket/request to fix this… let’s see how long it takes before the problem is fixed ^^

This happened to me before, happens when you change emails apparently

I’m having the same issue with the bonus, going on 3 days now.

Just asked for my ticket to be escalated. Seems support is inundated or taking a long weekend.

Strange is it right? If I’m not mistaken it shouldn’t be much more than a link to the website… ahwell… I just submitted a request via the link that LizDrakemoor provided. So now it’s nothing but more waiting for me And see what will happen ^^ thank you for responding

Wow that’s bad! For everyday the bonus is not active I’m missing about 600 to 800 tokens per day. For 4 days that’s 2400 to 3200 tokens!! I’m low level so it’s not like I’m dying without these tokens but I could understand for higher level players who need like 500 fragments for a single dragon… this can be crucial… hope you get your bonus activated pretty soon ^^

double check to make sure the egg booster is actually claimed. I had this happen where I claimed the boost, but because of server lag it didn’t register. I went a whole day before filing a ticket when the boost didn’t show, but never went back to verify that it showed as claimed.

Yeah I allready did that… it was also marked with a “V” that I completed it and claimed it… But good point. I could understand how this can go wrong for some people… Thanx for replying.

:thinking: I’ve got the same problem with a diff scenario. Just sent a ticket awhile ago.
Usually this what you get when you claimed the 100% egg token bonus + elite

But instead I got this:

Problem is, I completed the 100% egg token bonus since the first event of the season and I’m pretty sure I’m getting the correct 80, 160 and 320 rewards. I do not know when it reverted back to 40, 80 and 160. Just sharing this info so others could check if theyve got the same problem.

In the meantime I’m waiting for am answer from PG.

I had the same problem. Just delete and reinstall the game, that should work for you

That might would do. Usually I do force stop and restart the game for some glitch I encounter. If it did not fixed the problem, then I send a ticket to help desk. I don’t usually do uninstall/reinstall of the game not unless directed by PG. Installing the game eats up half of my data/WiFi allowance in a day.

And… Just a while ago, PG (said) tweak something and have me force stop-restart the game, and all good now.

Pretty fast they fix my problem :thinking:.

It did that to me once this season (after the first breeding event I think). Deleting and reinstalling fixed it.

This happened to me at the start of the season and I did all the regular sh!t—force close, restart device, even uninstall/reinstall. Nothing worked so I had to ask support to manually activate it.

This seems to be a bigger issue than ever before. Not sure why.

I waited almost 36 hours before submitting a ticket. Attached a screen shot of my claimed token bonus and the missions still showing the old payout. They “tweaked” it right away.

If you need to submit a ticket, make sure to include screenshots. They will ask for those if you don’t and that just delays the time it will take for them to fix it for you.