Double Sigil Prizes for Gaunlet

Just want to say thank you to PG for the double sigil event. It doesn’t take away from what needs to be fixed but it is a welcome surprise!!! Also I want to confirm the double sigils are not in chests only in the prizes correct??


Only personal achievement I guess…
Team achievement isn’t affected


Yep, just personal achievements, but it’s a very nice bonus to have. Can definitely find a use for some extra sigils here.


Yes indeed was a nice surprise :grin: :hugs:. Good job :clap:

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PG should definitely do this again some time in the future seasons! It was a good call!


Be nice if it will be next season while I try for the mythic hunter but I’d bet my luck isn’t that good.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the likelihood that most are unimpressed by the majority of the dragons this season.


Thanks for this. Very nice to get a good surprise :+1:


Maybe it is a trend starting. One event each season with double sigils is something I would see as a good act of PG. Heck, they could even do two or three, but that is pushing it


Thanks to you people , it was great to get a bit more of sigils ! :slight_smile:

Let me remember times with double sigil chests and more from past !
Would be cool if we have double timer during some events somehow too ! :sunglasses:


Or double rubies! :thinking:


Sounds good too, at least you decide where to spend on :slight_smile:


Heck I’m fine with just the double sigils. It will get me closer to the mythic glyph on Axi. I just got him to Plat and took out a base 65 levels higher than me without hitting 80% health

What level are you? My Axi is Plat too and i haven’t used her yet but I cannot see me getting through invader base 205 with level 42 towers

I’m 116. Invader bases are worse for Axi than normal ones because they mainly use projectile towers where elemental bubble is worthless

exactly. I wont use her alone yet she needs to at least be Sapphire for me to give her, her own show!

Yeah I imagine Plat doesnt have enough health or damage for a level 205


Axi does pretty good on invader bases. I was able to solo mine @ 162 with 35 towers when she was still in gold. Elemental bubble is worthless on invader, you just have to use rainbow shot on every 3 tower combo you can and spam the heal. I doubt she could solo a 205 while still in plat, but who knows… try it.


I’m really hoping to retire Necryx and use Axi in his place. I guess I’ll give her a change

Thank you PG!!