Double Sigil Prizes for Gaunlet

Am I the only one who is suspicious? Like PG went “hmmm, no one likes these dragons… they stopped buying”

“Is this a good time to do double sigils then? It shows we care… and Costs is nothing”




Around this time every season they do something. Since I’ve started this is the only one I remember to be free. I just take it as a win in a very long war.

EDIT: What do you mean i like AXI :frowning_face:

Ok ok axi is good. But the rest? Ehhhh

They used to have double sigil weekends.

But that was before the SUPER Sigil Chests.


I suppose it could be out of the goodness of their hearts. Or, like almost everything else in the game, it could be a means of influencing player behavior.


As long as the influencing player behavior brings about permanent good changes…


Is anyone else starting to wonder if we wont be get sigil chests at the end of the season?

Runic chests are gone since they switched back to the old armory
Now we’re getting double sigil rewards in prizes

Im kind of expecting for us not to get sigil chests and instead they’ll bring those horrible “treasure” packs we had when axi came out

This is very nice (and is actually how every pvp event should be) but Im extremely wary of anytime we get something like this. What’s the catch? You’re offering me the cupcake with one hand but are you just waiting to punch me in the face with the other while Im distracted? :cake::eyes::fist_left:


I’m not sure I follow your logic here… These chests have been around much longer than the new armory.

The logic is that they stopped changing out the silver chests completely. I dont know if that’s because the old armory would still let us use the free silver chest glitch or what but I find it very suspicious that ever since they swapped the old armory back in the silver chests havent budged. You would think that if they were simply doing away with the runic chests there would have been some kind of an announcement about it like “we know people hate these chests so we’re getting rid of them”. The fact that they havent said anything at all makes me believe that until they have the new armory back up permanently, the silver chests arent getting swapped.

PG’s past actions have made me extremely suspicious of everything. We dont just get something to get it, there’s always something lurking behind it.

I think this is because they had issues with the UI for the new chest tab. They are trying to stop us from getting the free bonus rune from runic chest when you have claim all 30 silver chest. This is what happens in the old chest tab which is what we are getting. I wouldn’t be surprised.

That is already stopped.

The issue was that the bonus chests (for silver, Runic, and Sigil) were all the same thing, “chest03.” This is no longer the case. So whatever the reason is, it has nothing to do with the free bonus chest.

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I always though that is why they changed the UI the code was jacked up. Well maybe they realized their runic chest sucked and nobody wanted it :woman_shrugging:

Either way, it doesnt change that they stopped switching out the silver chests completely. So until PG says something or until the final 2 weeks of the season Im assuming that other hand is waiting to smack us


I love it!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Is anyone else not seeing double sigilx,the 400 sigil prize is still 400?
Nevermind I forgot the sigils were so bad in this event.

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I am not getting double sigils either.

My screen shows double sigils

Tried a reboot no luck.

ss of your personal achievement rewards?

Does it normally start at 50, 100, 200 etc. in the personal achievements. If so I am missing double sigils if not everything is ok, lol

There goes the game as we all know Jared said free stuff causes players to quit the game