Double Sigil Prizes for Gaunlet



Idk. Maybe it’s to appeal to newer players? Cannons are still useful (necessary) at lower levels.


I think the quests are used to gauge addiction levels. As long as they stay high, they know the bitching on the forums can be safely ignored. :rofl: :joy::joy:


I’m not getting the double sigils chests.

Some one had mentioned they are only for the quests.

Is this true. Z


What, double sigil chests where?


Omg. Good question. I’m not seeing them at all.

It must me ticket. Time. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::see_no_evil:


There is no double sigil chests… double sigil prieces im event only🤦‍♂️


Yes. I understand it would read like they are for event.
So they appear after the event in event prizes
Or in personal prizes as we score them. ?

The splash screen for this topic is vague


They are allready added in the prieces


Well. They are getting. Stingy then. Yep.


Well, I’d assume super sigil prizes will be coming out sometime soon? Just not now, when they’re only doubling personal prizes…


Yes, but also understand it is a business decision. PG is probably testing to see if we buy more packs.