Double sigil weekends: What are my chances?

Hey guys aegmon here! Any ideas at how many sigils get if I open 100 gold chests on double sigil weekends? Put it out like this

LUCKY 10000000

UNLUCKY 100000

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We didn’t have double sigils weekend last season. So i am not sure if we are gonna get them this season in the first place.

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We didn’t? I think I can still remember that there was a double sigil weekend :neutral_face:


There is no such thing is double sigils weekend anymore. Now we have sigil chests during the last 2 weeks of season

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That was probably last spring season while we were not even level 1 :rofl:

Welp guess I’m gonna go hang myself…

The last few seasons they have released the “Super Sigil Chests” (in place of the silver chests) during the last two weeks of the seasons. They might, they might not, they might do something entirely different. If you can save your rubies for the last two weeks of the season yet still make decent event progress, it would be a good idea.

But, if you make decent event progress, the 450 sigil prize in fort and breed and the 300 or higher (ideally) in the PVP events, you really should have no issues finishing the token boost (if you went for it - if not probably too late) and two full lines of either dragons or riders without the super sigil chests.

It’s doable, a lot of activity but doable. Read Red’s season planning guide ( Red's Guide to Season Planning )

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Not easy for low level to get 450 sigils in breeding at all. I agree to an extent that 450 sigil prize in fort is doable with a bit of patience and planning, but is still a lot of grind.

All these need very high activity and insane amount of patience tbh. And level 1 ember helps everything.


Not supposed to be easy. But if I can do it, so can others. Guess it depends if you REALLY need two complete lines.

This is a marathon, not a sprint to end-game, especially since once people get there they want more and then complain it takes a lot to get the next end game content. Moving goal posts. Be happy and enjoy the game at your pace.


Agree with all you said, all i wanted to get through was even an extremely high activity player with smart planning even on alt at a low level till they reach platinum may not get 7.5k points in breeding unless they spend some $$$.
And I love the way you put Marathon- sprint analogy :hugs:

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To answer your original question, I use 1000 sigils per 10 chest pull as an average in the 5k Ruby cost super sigil chests for my general calculations. I think it’s a fairly average value across the board but if you only do a few pulls your numbers can vary vastly from this.

This brings the cost of a full non discounted season line to approx 125,000 rubies or ~$360USD


I’ve got 725 siglis from this breed since i got 3.1k pts and an additional 300 from team achievement. Guess I’ll be using my saved rubbies for SS chests :grin: Thanks for the info

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I have 20k rubbies now and ss chests is maybe in the last week of fe or first week of march? Might do 3 pulls… and do they costs 5k per 10 or 8k per 10?

Dnt have lvl 1 ember so what I do is farm with a lvl 6 ember, a bolt and a habrok, while they’re healing I heal up my amarok with potions. I do it for uhm 2-3 hrs? Can yield up to 60-100 Bronzies :joy: Then I open them on pvp… would farm with ettin later on but he’s still cooking

He meant get to the 450 sigil reward not 450 total… Aka 7.5 score not a easy task if you’re breeding below sapphire unless you’re wasting tokens


Ahhh I see. I misunderstood that. Yes it’s very hard even though I have a surplus of egg tokens I dnt have anything to breed that costs that much and since I’m following red’s breeding path it requires little egg tokens per breeding. Until I hit saph that is :joy:

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