Double tokens/ elite account


My double tokens are gone. Have the seasonal double token boost But it is gone. If I look in my account I Still have the elite account, But Apparently I can t use rubies anymore? I need to pay 5,49 EUR per month instead of rubies? Que?

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I had this same issue and someone pointed me to a link on the forum here. But to save time basically just delete the game and reinstall it.

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remove and reinstall the game and the ruby for elite should show up.

Thanks. Problem solved. The forum is more efficiënt then the help section. Congrats!


Which is funny since supports fix for 90% of issues is to reinstall your game. Glad it was actually useful advice for once :joy:

When I had this issue, it was the one time support could have given me that response and actually been correct. Instead they told me something else incorrect :man_shrugging::rofl:


Well I created a ticket this Morning ans Still No reaction. Here it takes 20 minutes to have the Same issue solved.

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probably because you sent a ticket when the event started.

With the points delay issues popping out, they surely have more tickets where it would take time before they are able to answer you.

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