Double XP Tuesdays? Or maybe gem day Tuesday

Seeing how all the events end on Monday, then most start up on Wendsday/ Thursday, I get kinda bored on Tuesdays playing War Dragons. Usually I’m just sitting there with my tacos and tequila and feels like something is missing… So how about some double XP to train dragons, or maybe the balloon that gives egg tokens, adds a couple gem missions on top that you get for the day. Not like 10, 20 payouts, but maybe different levels like the quests, and the biggest about 1k gems? Not to small of course, but an amount that interests people and 1k hopefully wouldn’t break PG’s bank either. What do you guys think?


Tuesday is the day when we all can have some rest… off from the game. No Quests, no grinding, just the plain old WD - and Atlas, but that’s optional.

Tuesday - Wednesday in WD world is like the weekend in the real one: you do other stuff. I think that’s fine just the way it is.


Or the day when we can declare the most war :smiling_imp:

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I like double XP Tuesdays, that wouldn’t really be unreasonable.

Asking for 1k gems per mission, thats rather ridiculous though. 10 or 20 would even be worth it

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I like the thought behind the idea. A sort of mini reward on a quiet day for doing your day to day stuff.

Decreased healing times, increased drops from monuments for specific items (ie one week have a much higher healing pot drop, next hammers etc), chance of egg tokens from monuments, increased gold chest drop rate, or rubies as suggested.

Hell making it so mystic fragments were a rare drop occasionally could be fun.

There are plenty of ways this could be a fun, rewarding idea without being over the top.

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We had something in past , and i would like it again …
No healtile weekend … that day i was able to play all day to level up :smile:

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Yep this is when you declare all of your wars. I guess people aren’t distracted by events

Though the rubies sound nice, it’s a bit over the top, but being a free player and get double xp, you’re sure to see my activity double, I’d love that, @PGJared @PGCrisis is this possible to add?


Y’all take optimism to a fault if you think they are gonna #1 add anything that is a player suggestion and #2 add anything that benefits players without a corresponding monetization.

Not entirely true, maybe. While it’s not been confirmed as the cause, the first mention I ever saw of egg token drops from monuments was in a player suggestion (I won’t link a closed topic but shout out to @Shadelos) and that was implemented, albeit for a short while and a special occasion. Of course, that’s also right around when they released Kirin…

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On an average Tuesday I get 10 rubies / run. (AVERAGE!!!) just from hitting the monuments. Atlas is very generous on chests and rubies so far.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not completely against the idea - even if my first response suggests so - I just don’t fancy anything so overwhelming as the Team Quests.

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I definitely don’t but I also don’t hit live bases hundreds of times. It’s mostly mission bases (hence why we are asking for it to be tied to the missions). Aka it would lower the cost of mission farming from 30 to 20 or something per run. Would make a difference :+1:


Double XP Tuesdays sound great to me. I consider that day a break, but it’d be nice to have a little extra something to do. :t_rex:


They ask for player feedback and suggestions all the time? No they can’t grant every single players wishes but they look at what the majority of the players will respond well to and implement various things all the time. The benefit for PG would be to bring player activity up on the slower days. Ever wonder why a place does “happy hour” at a random times, it’s to drive in business outside of the normal peek times. Which even though you are giving a discount, you are still generating business and in this case, adding something fun.

And a no heal time on Tuesdays would be fun as well. As far as the gems go, yeah we get 10 per couple of runs, which is why I said maybe 1k. There are roughly 10 weeks in a season, if every Tuesday you complete the mission(s) that would be max 10k gems, so about 20 extra sigil/gold chests :slight_smile: or do 100 gems idk but something balanced of course.
(Just don’t make it 500 supershots lol)
Even like what Mistborn20 said about other drops would be something to fun to work towards as well.


Even if this is limited to 0 damage, it’s fine…

They tried before the individual event. It was very good in my opinion, with the rewards on the last one. But unfortunately that was just one… Still some kind of individual event would be nice. Specially if the prizes were Goldie’s :money_mouth_face:

That’s War day(s) for us. Someone (usually 2 or 3) almost always declares War on us between events. So, we rarely have any downtime.

I’ve seen PG add player suggestions without monetary return. I’ve played a lot of games. This is the only one where the creators are actively involved with the players and actually listen to what we have to say. They can’t always implement every suggestion. For example; gifting packs was my player suggestion (as well as a few other players). They implemented it during an event. Yes, it was only there for a short time but they did try it out. I wish they would bring it back permanently though. My team was way more active then and there was a lot more money spent (by my team at least). Yes, I realize this suggestion gives monetary return but it was a player suggestion.

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War cannot be declared during PvP events. This is why most wars are declared between events.

Yeah i remember last season or maybe it was the season before, there was a couple individual events where you had to scale up and could not have a teammate back you so it was all based on your current level. Still had decent rewards if i remember even tho i was a lower level. I wonder if they are even working towards trying to bring these back?
My team is in plat right now, not sure if i remember having wars on tuesdays, probably more common in higher leagues